Intel HD Graphics update guide

intel hd graphics update guide

One of the top three hardware that comes to mind when it comes to computers is the video card. Graphics cards are very important for computer performance, especially the players are very concerned, the first hardware that most people buy for the computer. It has a very special place for the players. There is another forgotten graphics processor behind external video cards. It should not be neglected to update Intel HD graphics in Intel processors. We have prepared an Intel HD Graphics update guide for you. It should not be forgotten that although your external video card sometimes causes problems, your processor will always be with you.

HD Graphics update guide

Step 1: Get the current graphics card version

Before updating the video card, we need to find out its current version and which year it belongs to. To do this, right click on Computer and select Manage . On the page that comes up, enter Device Manager from the list on the left .

intel hd graphics update guide

You will display the video cards on your system under Display Adapters in the list . Right-click Intel HD Graphics and select Properties . You can find the current driver version and driver date installed on your system in the Driver tab .

intel hd graphics update guide

Step 2: Update Intel HD Graphics

As the most up-to-date method of Intel HD Graphics update on your system, you can do it with the installer from Intel’s own site. For this , let’s go to the graphics section on the Intel Downloads & Support site.

On the page that opens, you should choose according to your processor generation in your system. For example, if you have an Intel Core i5-6500 processor, your processor is the 6th generation Intel processor .

intel hd graphics update guide

You have found and selected the generation of your processor, then you must select and download the version suitable for your system from the download list on the page. If you select the operating system and type installed on your system from the filter list on the right, the installer suitable for your system will be listed.

The processor we used to prepare the guide is the 10th generation and two loaders came out as a result of the search. However, you may have more than two results. The point to note here is whether you should download or install the installer that says “BETA” .

intel hd graphics update guide

After choosing the appropriate version, we have two options. Select the appropriate one from the compressed file option with the executable package and download it.

intel hd graphics update guide

Intel HD Graphics update will be completed successfully after downloading and running the installer .

In the Intel HD Graphics update guide, state your questions or problems in the comments.

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Intel HD Graphics update guide
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