intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared

American silicone manufacturer Intel , known for its processors , announced that it will enter the graphics card market with the DG1 model announced at CES 2020 . We shared the features of the card with you before. According to the latest reports , Intel DG1 graphics card performance test has also appeared.

Developed for many uses, the card will be used in the office computers of corporate companies in the first place .

intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared

Intel DG1 graphics performance test leaked
Intel DG1 , which is planned to be released in the near future , offers an entry – medium level performance. The card, which has 3 GB VRAM , contains a single fan and a blue LED lighting. Due to its design, it is a video card suitable for use in small office computers . The card, which includes the Intel Xe architecture , will also be used internally in mobile processors . But on mobile, overclocking values are expected to be slightly lower .

intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared

As is known, Intel uses Graphics series internal graphics units in its processors . Intel, which will switch to Xe graphics with Tiger Lake, aims to provide good internal performance. The company’s competitor in this field is NVIDIA’s MX series graphics cards.

In the image leaked by a Twitter user , the card’s performance test also appeared. The graphics card used in conjunction with the i9-9900K has managed to score 5960 graphics points . By comparison, the card offers slightly lower performance than the GTX 1050 . However, as we said, the audience this card addresses is not directly players, and will not be offered for retail intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared.

intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared

Intel DG1 graphics performance test does not excite much for a desktop graphics card . However, it provides information about the mobile Xe DG1 included in the mobile Intel processors, which will be introduced in the second half of the year . Having such a powerful built-in graphics power on the mobile side can put NVIDIA’s hand in trouble. Xe DG1 to be used on the laptop will come with Tiger Lake processors . Apart from Intel, at AMD, Vega develops internal graphics units and plans to rival NVIDIA intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared.

intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared

The Ryzen 4800U processor, which includes the internal Vega graphics unit on the AMD side , gets 3543 points from the same test . Intel DG1 offers nearly 70 percent more performance on the Vega graphics unit with 7 nm lithography . Considering that the version developed for mobile will give less performance, this difference will be on average between 20 and 40 percent . NVIDIA’s Pascal-based MX350 board gets 4500 points .

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intel dg1 graphics performance test appeared
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