A new era begins for huawei phone models

A new era begins for huawei phone models

Huawei , phone models in the face of the embargo imposed want to continue to fight the US itself. The Chinese company, which recently got a new search engine, will also make a change in the processor issue.

A new main processor for Huawei phone models: MediaTek
Huawei, which can manufacture its own processors, is fed by the processors usually produced by the HiSilicon team. Because at least 70 percent of smartphones released by Huawei are powered by the equipment of this team.

Huawei, which has recently been in search for new U.S. President Donald Trump’s prolonged embargo time, is looking for a new alternative processor for the Kirin processor. As it is known, Trump wants to keep US companies away from Huawei.

In this context, US companies are required to obtain a license before selling their semiconductor technologies and processor designs to Huawei, HiSilicon and those affiliated with these two brands. So how will Huawei solve this problem?

The Chinese team, who is very restricted in semiconductor technology production and processor, is looking for the solution in MediaTek processors. According to the information received, Huawei increased the order of MediaTek signed processor by 300 percent.

A new era begins for huawei phone models

Competing with Qualcomm in the global market, MediaTek will replace the Kirin processor. In addition, the TSMC team was helping Huawei. Thanks to this critical decision, the new route of Honor and Huawei duo has been drawn.

A new era begins for huawei phone models

Processors produced by MediaTek will be used in Huawei’s phones in the middle and upper segment category. In the past, Huawei preferred MediaTek only for its entry-level and mid-segment 4G-based phone models.

A new era begins for huawei phone models

The Chinese company, which is now considering working with MediaTek for 5G models, can also work with another Taiwanese company, Foxconn. Foxconn stated that Huawei is looking forward to its orders.

Foxconn, canceling all orders placed by Huawei after the embargo decision last year, seems to be determined this time. Do you think Huawei and MediaTek will be successful?

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A new era begins for huawei phone models
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