Huawei 6.18 opening bonus is here! 5G mobile phone with 5 dollars a day huawei nova 7 pro 5g

First of all, at the beginning of the article, I want to ask everyone a direct question to the soul: “Do you have a 5G mobile phone?”

When China’s 5G network was just commercialized last year, everyone thought that 5G should not come so fast, but who would have thought that starting this year, almost all new phones have become 5G mobile phones . I know that at this time, some friends will jump out and say: “This year’s mobile phone is 5G, but it is also more expensive!” Admittedly, the price of new phones this year has generally risen slightly. But don’t panic, the upcoming 618 promotion will allow everyone to pick up the “leak” of 5G mobile phones in the middle of the year. A few days ago, Huawei announced its 618 promotion information. In addition to the official launch of many new products, the official also prepared coupons, interest-free installments and other benefits for us. Secretly tell you, this event is not only a 5G mobile phone for 5 dollars a day.

Huawei 6.18 opening bonus is here! 5G mobile phone with 5 dollars a day huawei nova 7 pro 5g


Although it is still more than half a month before June 18, Huawei ’s first wave of 6.18 opening benefits will start as early as June 1. The models that participated in this Huawei 6.18 start-up benefit are some of their flagship flagship models. For example, in the first half of this year, Huawei ’s well-deserved flagship model Huawei P40 series, with human eye tracking function, positioning the younger Huawei nova 7 Pro 5G.


These models will not only appear at a more favorable price in the first wave of Huawei 6.18 opening benefits from June 1 to June 3, but they can also enjoy 24 interest-free installments, and some models are more able to Overlay coupons ranging from 50-200 yuan to enjoy discounts. Let me calculate it for you. Huawei P40 5G has an average of 5.74 yuan per day in 24 installments; Huawei nova 7 Pro 5G has an average of 5.07 yuan per day in 24 installments. 5G mobile phones with 5 dollars a day, and all are in stock, I’m fine, how about you?

In addition to these models that have already been released, the super-large cup Huawei P40 Pro + in the long-awaited Huawei P40 series will be officially opened on June 1, the first day of the 6.18 opening benefit.

If the “meeting ceremony” is only discounted, it will be boring. But why do you say it will play or Huawei will play? On the day of June 1st, buying a machine at Huawei Mall not only has the opportunity to offer a maximum discount of 2020 yuan, but also a limited amount of 1,000 yuan coupons. In the official Huawei live broadcast room, there is also the opportunity to draw 8888 yuan free of charge, and there are various limited gift boxes to meet various collection controls. Finally, Huawei also prepared a red envelope of 100,000 yuan to share with the pollen, and you can use it directly when placing an order.

This first wave of benefits covers products you can and cannot buy before. But don’t forget, this is just a “starter”. After the warm-up, the follow-up surprises will be even more explosive. If you miss this time, you may have to wait another half a year for the next round.

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Huawei 6.18 opening bonus is here! 5G mobile phone with 5 dollars a day huawei nova 7 pro 5g
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