HUAWEI Honor V20 is a real lead grade gadget and it can challenge the best in the business with its cost of under $370.

There is a lot of rivalries yet the gadgets that previously strike a chord are the OnePlus 6T, the Galaxy S9+, the Huawei P20 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 8 as they all have comparative valuing and specs. The HUAWEI Honor V20 may have the big screen to stick out however with regards to picture quality, it simply doesn’t cut it.

HUAWEI Honor V20


All the four telephones above game AMOLED show with profound blacks, no edge light drain and offer somewhat better daylight readability. Likewise, Honor’s punch opening camera is a curiosity which won’t be just as everyone would prefer.

Particularly the individuals who have OCD about balance. In any case, we can say without a doubt that it’s less prominent contrasted with standard indents when watching recordings and messing around.

Be that as it may, with regards to battery life, camera quality, and crude execution, the View 20 can be the better decision. The 48MP camera joined with the Quad Bayer innovation produces brilliant stills while the 4,000 mAh battery keeps the lights on for in excess of an entire day relying upon your use. What’s more, you can depend on the quick charging for snappy top-ups when the circumstance calls for it.



HUAWEI Honor V20



Respect asserts the View 20 can play with the enormous young men and our decision is that much of the time, it can. The handset exceeds expectations in pretty much every perspective without using up every last cent. It has a strong glass work with a one of a kind slope complete, it has an extraordinary camera experience in all cases, it has great battery life and an exceptional leader chipset.

As we said before, it checks all the cases as a leader gadget without asking a lot consequently. What’s more, much the same as each Android gadget, anticipate that its cost should go down in the next months, which would render it a shockingly better deal.

HUAWEI Honor V20 Mobile Phone Pros And Cons
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