How to Open a YouTube Channel in the Fastest and Simplest Way?

If you want to open a Youtube channel and have not done this before, you can continue reading this post. You may want to consider opening a YouTube channel to promote yourself better, express yourself and gain prestige . However, you cannot upload a video without owning a YouTube channel, and you need to create a YouTube channel in order to comment and create a playlist. open a youtube channel

First Required to Open YouTube Channel
You will need a Gmail account to sign in to YouTube . If you do not have a Gmail address previously obtained, you should create one immediately. You must then enter your e-mail address and password to log in to YouTube.

Pick A Good Name For Your YouTube Channel
You should choose a name that sounds good and is understandable for your YouTube channel. When choosing a name, it will be useful to think globally and choose a name that does not contain Turkish letters and is easy to remember. You should also prepare a text stating what your channel is about, the subject of your analyst and the purpose of its establishment. It is useful to determine the channel name clearly. Because if you want to change it, it can take months. open a youtube channel

A Must Have Profile Photo
After accessing YouTube with your Google account, you can see your name or username at the top of the left menu. If you have added your profile photo from the settings section, you can see it in this area. It is worth mentioning that the photo should be closely related to the channel name here.

Adding Appropriate Visuals to the Channel
The photo mentioned here is the image seen in the upper area of ​​the channel page. The cover image should be 2560 x 1440 pixels and closely related to the structure of the channel.

Annotate Channel
Add a brief description of your channel to your watchers. To create this comment, you can press the “About” tab from the main channel page and press the “+ Channel description” button.

Promote Your Channel Using Social Media
When you activate your channel, followers will not come to your channel by running. However, using social media, you can ensure that the videos you share reach a much wider audience.

The Point You Need To Pay Attention To
If you delete your Google account, YouTube is also located in your data in the deleted Please note’ll re. So when you decide to delete, make sure that this is your final and final decision.

How to Open a YouTube Channel in the Fastest and Simplest Way?

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How to Open a YouTube Channel in the Fastest and Simplest Way?
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