How to download YouTube videos?

It is common for you to want to download a video on YouTube, the most watched platform, to watch later, replacing television. Under normal conditions, it is possible for anyone to download videos for YouTube Premium users without paying any fee. In this guide, we tell you how to download YouTube videos without schedule on various sites . Here is the guide to Download YouTube Videos 2020 without schedule!

How to download YouTube videos?
There are multiple methods for downloading YouTube videos . In this guide, we explain how to download YouTube videos without schedule, and we talk about how to do this on iOS and Android devices. Applications titled ” YouTube Video Download ” are usually sufficient alone.

Download YouTube videos without schedule
Apart from some programs, there are also various websites for downloading YouTube videos . First of all, we will explain the process of downloading videos through , one of the most used websites .

– Click here to go to the website.

– Paste the video link you want to download in the box that appears.

– After clicking the download button, you can change the image quality of the video you will download by clicking the box that says MP4 720P .

– If you wish, you can start the download process without the need for the website by adding ss to the beginning of the video link you want to download. YouTube is another favorite website for unscheduled video downloads. With, you can download the video you will download in one of MP3, MA4 and MP4 formats.

– Click here to log in to the website.

– Then paste the link of the video you want to download in the box that appears and select the format type you want to download.

– If you want to download all the videos in your YouTube playlist, you can start downloading by organizing the numbers in the Playlist Start field according to your playlist.

YouTube video downloader programs
You can use various iOS, Android and desktop programs to download videos from YouTube. You can also download videos to your Apple device using the shortcuts feature that comes with iOS 12.

For the Windows operating system , apart from popular download programs such as Internet Download Manager (IDM), JDownloader and EagleGet , you can also use programs such as Easy YouTube Downloader and 4K Video Downloader , where you can download YouTube videos only .

You can download Easy YouTube Downloader program to your computer by clicking here . After installing the Easy YouTube Downloader program on your Windows computer,

– After copying the YouTube video link, you can add your video to the list by pressing the + button on the program .

– You can select the directory to save the video you will download from the section where it says Save To .

– With Select Quailty , you can change the quality and file type of the video you download.

Download YouTube video on Android devices
Click here to download the application called SnapTube on your Android device .

– After installing the application, search for the video you want to download through the application.

– After clicking the download icon at the bottom right of the video you want to download, you can choose the file type and resolution quality.

Download YouTube videos on iOS devices
One of the easiest ways to download videos on iOS devices is undoubtedly the shortcuts feature . If you have a device with iOS 12 or higher version, you can use the shortcuts feature to download videos from YouTube. Some shortcuts only support iOS 13 and above. how to download youtube videos

Download the shortcut on the Safari web browser by clicking here .

– Press the Add unreliable shortcut button at the bottom of the screen that appears, in order to perform the shortcut setup . how to download youtube videos

– After installation, enter the video you want to download by entering the YouTube application.

– Click on the other sharing options button in the menu that appears after clicking the share button.

– After clicking on the YouTube Download tab on the screen that appears, choose where to save the video.

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How to download YouTube videos?

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How to download YouTube videos?

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