How are science and technology linked?

Science is a research enterprise that seeks knowledge. It seeks to describe, explain and predict phenomena by identifying the cause and effect links that unite them. How are science and technology linked

Technology is a manufacturing and processing activity. It consists in manipulating a material to produce an object (material or immaterial). This activity being sometimes very complex nowadays, one uses the term “technology” to speak about certain specific technical fields. How are science and technology linked

Traditionally, science and technology were seen as two separate disciplines: knowing the world and making objects were independent activities. Then, in the 19 th century began to improve technique through scientific knowledge. We then conceived of it as dependent on science. Finally, in the second half of the 20 th century, a growing interaction between science and technology was established.

How are science and technology linked

This interaction is particularly evident today. On the one hand, scientific research is increasingly dependent on technology. It often requires very elaborate instruments: think of cognitive neuroscience which uses computerized brain imaging. In addition, technical breakthroughs have shed light on certain phenomena for scientists: for example, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have improved understanding of plant biology and human diseases with a genetic component. On the other hand, technique is more than ever the product of scientific progress: think of assisted procreation technologies, nanotechnological materials or securitization in finance. How are science and technology linked

In short, science and technology have become dependent on each other, and often develop hand in hand. Such a tangle led some thinkers to propose the term “technoscience” to designate this couple. In the era of technoscience, our power over nature has radically expanded, to the point of transforming the horizon of the possible: medicine prolongs the lives of seriously ill people and keeps babies called “very premature” alive; infertile couples become parents through in vitro fertilization; we even create beings with predetermined genetic characteristics by manipulating the “code” of animal and plant life. How are science and technology linked

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How are science and technology linked
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