Google Tricks Homeless People To Sell Face Data

A few months ago, there were media reports that Google used a $5 voucher to lure random strangers to sell face data to train Pixel 4’s face recognition system.


Google tricks homeless people to sell face data

A new report in the New York Daily News now shows that Google contractors secretly lockdown homeless people and dark-skinned people to get data, but they don’t explicitly tell them that they are the tech giant.


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The report accuses a third-party recruiting company called Randstad of locking up Atlanta. According to reports, Randstad staff recorded face recognition data of homeless people, tricking college students into participating, but did not inform them that their face data had been obtained.

In an interview with The New York Daily News, Google contractors said they told people to play a “self-portrait game” like Snapchat, and secretly recorded their face data. According to a Google TVC (temporary worker, supplier or contractor), Randstad’s supervisor specifically ordered them not to disclose that they were recording face data.

One TVC said: “We were told not to tell (people) that this is a video, even though the video on the screen has been taken.”

These temporary workers were clearly told: If someone was suspicious, they quickly agreed to the terms and agreed to leave.

A former staff member who was responsible for the Google project at Randstad said that they had systematically trained and mastered a set of rhetoric to distract the user’s attention and not know the true purpose of the “self-portrait game.”

He added: “This actually distracts them as much as possible, so they don’t even have time to really realize what’s going on.”

Not sure if Google understands Ren Shida’s unspeakable face data collection policy, but the report mentions that a Google manager admitted that they specifically ordered contractors to focus on deeper people and ensure that the data sources of face data sets are diversified.

Obviously, Google contractors are using illegal methods to collect people’s face recognition information. This search giant needs to make sure that no fraud or illegal means are used to complete any project. In this area, privacy is the most concerned issue in the eyes of users. This method will further make it difficult for companies to gain the trust of users.

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Google Tricks Homeless People To Sell Face Data
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