Google Play Store update of Play Store ‘Ratings and reviews’ on Android

For the past a few weeks, Google has been testing a Play Store update of “Ratings and reviews.” Covering all app, motion picture, tv appearances, book, and music postings, this patch up leverages the Google Fabric Topic and is presently broadly rolled out.

Like Google Maps, the Play Store is regularly upgraded one component at a time. The most recent could be a patch up of the “Ratings and reviews” area in all listings. Showing up underneath the substance portrayal, the primary thing clients experience is still the aggregate count of all reviews.

However, each star rating is not color-coded and fair themed bars that coordinate the media sort you’re right now seeing: dull green for apps/games, ruddy for movies/TV, blue for books, and orange for music.

This topic is additionally displayed by in-person surveys and other parts of the interface. Instead of “Review highlights” that recognizes rehashed expressions in audits, Google Play presently records the “Top positive review” and “Top basic review” with a button to see more of each sort.



Displayed as Fabric Subject cards with adjusted, swoon gray traces, Google inquires whether you consider surveys accommodating (Yes or No) at the foot. The certifiable was already a thumbs up symbol, whereas “Unhelpful” was housed within the flood menu. At the foot, clients can “See all reviews” with unused channels at the beat of this see. A carousel permits clients to sort by All, Positive, Basic, and 1-5 stars. Apps include a “Most mentioned in reviews” segment that’s not found with other media sorts. Clients can advance channel by “Most relevant” and “Most recent,” as well as “Latest version” and “This gadget model.” This plan is exceptionally clean and does a great work of surfacing different built-in channels. It is one of the superior employment of the Google Fabric Topic to organize data. The modern “Ratings and reviews” redo is broadly rolled out with adaptation 13.4.11 of the Google Play Store this week.



Google Play Store update of Ratings and reviews

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