Google Paper Phone

Google Paper Phone And 5 More Weird Ways To Get Rid Of Gadget addiction

Google Paper Phone and 5 more weird ways

to get rid of gadget addiction

Google Paper Phone

Google Paper Phone

In 2012, scientists came up with a new term fuzzing. You may not have heard that

That is gadget addiction. Google has released six experimental applications for Android devices to overcome this. Of course, you still need a smartphone to use, but Google expects users to get rid of their gadgets and spend less time immediately.
Paper phone

Perhaps this is the most interesting experiment. He just prints a paper smartphone. A sheet containing your contacts, notes, and events. You can also pay for your purchases using a bank card. It sounds strange.

Unlock clock
This is a simpler way. A live wallpaper is provided that shows the user how many times they have unlocked the smartphone.


Post box
This app collects incoming notifications and makes “administration” several times a day. That is, you do not hear a constant beep, but you get instant notification once, twice, three or four times a day.

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We overturn
This is a game for a group of friends. Gather together to activate the application and keep your smartphone separate. The game ends when someone in your company unlocks the gadget.

Desert island
This experiment can be turned into a game. Select only the applications you need most and isolate the rest. After a day, the system will suggest you repeat the game to delete other applications from the list.

Here the system is tailored to the environment, providing only the applications and alerts needed for your situation. For example, at work-calendar and mail. This will not interfere with unnecessary processes.

Google Paper Phone And 5 More Weird Ways To Get Rid Of Gadget addiction
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