Google forbids its employees to use Zoom at work

Google has blocked access to Zoom on the computers of its employees. The company says the reason for the ban is “service security problems,” writes Business Insider. Zoom head Eric Yuan hired a former Facebook security chief to help the service deal with data leaks.

Google forbids its employees to use Zoom at work

Google sent emails to all employees who have Zoom installed on work computers, and warned that the application will stop working.

“We are opposed to our employees using applications that are not part of the Google ecosystem and do not meet our security standards,” said a company representative. Google has its own Meet video call service, which competes with Zoom. “Employees who used Zoom to stay in touch with family and friends can continue to do this through a web browser or mobile phone,” he added.

Earlier it became known that with the help of Zoom, hackers can listen to meetings, gain access to computer management or protected data.

This was learned by shareholders and filed a class action lawsuit against the company in the Federal Court of San Francisco. They accused Zoom and its employees of hiding information about the vulnerabilities of the service and transferring personal data to third-party companies, for example, Facebook. One of the shareholders, Michael Drieu, believes that public accusations against the service prevented the growth of the value of the shares.

The company’s CEO Eric Yuan admitted the flaws of the application and apologized for the fact that the security of the service did not live up to expectations. According to him, Zoom is working on implementing end-to-end encryption, but it will take several months. The company hired former Facebook security manager Alex Stamos as a consultant and created an advisory board to increase the privacy of the application.

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Google forbids its employees to use Zoom at work
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