Google and Levi’s launch the second smart jacket, with more features and lower prices

Google and Levi’s launch the second smart jacket, with more features and lower prices


Google and Levi's Jacket

As early as 2017, Google and Levi are launched the first smart jacket Jacquard.

Using a touch-sensitive material and a Bluetooth module through the left sleeve, the user can connect the jacket to the phone and control the phone functions with different touch gestures, such as playing music and navigation. The special “Always Together” function supports the jacket to warn the phone after it leaves a certain range and play an anti-theft function.


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Google and Levi's Jacket

First-generation Jacquard jacket. (Source: video screenshot)

On October 1st, the Jacquard jacket ushered in the second generation. In general, the jacket works the same way, hardware optimization, support functions have increased, and more importantly, the price has dropped from the original 350 dollars to 198 dollars.

The most immediate change should be on the sleeves Jacquard module significantly smaller, according to Google’s argument: before “(size) is a very long USB, now only slightly larger than an SD card making it into the more different fashion. “

google and levi's

 The second-generation module is a lot smaller. (Source: The Verge )

TechCrunch pointed out that another difference between the Jacquard 2.0 module and the first generation is that the user can remove the module and use it for another smart wearable device that supports the technology. The original model can only recognize a specific jacket.

It’s also closer to Google’s vision for the technology – bringing the technology represented by Jacquard to everyday objects, turning everything into a computer, and we no longer have to rely on screens and mobile phones to diversify interactions.

The second generation of Jacquard jackets added some new features to the first generation.

Now, users can control the phone to take photos through contact gestures; or trigger a “My Day” function to listen to the daily schedule; “Ask Assistant” has more potential, users can use Google Assistant Customized new features.

In addition, jacket styles are more choices, the regular Trucker Jacket is priced at $198, and the thicker Sherpa Trucker is priced at $248.

But most people may not really need to buy it twice as expensive as a regular jacket. I hope that Google and Levi’s will continue to develop rich features, drive down prices, and move smart jackets from marketing gimmicks to more practical new products.

Google and Levi’s launch the second smart jacket, with more features and lower prices
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