Galaxy S10 What’s New Features you won’t find on any iPhone


Galaxy S10


Coming closer to the release of the new Galaxy S, Galaxy S10 Series lineup about a month ahead the new news about the Galaxy S10 has been leaked here and there. Specifications and new attempts of Infinity-O display with Samsung to avoid the expected notched Display will be available in three models depending on the screen size is I’m a fait accompli, it will look at whether there is any new news out there.

The actual appearance of the products suspected Galaxy S10. Doeneundeyo estimates the model belongs to the middle of the lineup of the three lines up when viewed as a front-facing camera at the top right one, first launched Galaxy A8s the size of the Infinity-O Boy Long smaller than, but not a bit Famous As yet sure, because you are not familiar feeling though.


Galaxy S10

The leaked images able to explore the other features except that of the Galaxy S10 real, it is the cryptocurrency archiving. It expected to provide a wallet function that can keep the password safe currency, adding a feature called “blockchain key store.”


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The image above is the image also suspected Galaxy S10. This picture is also a front camera, a single check, look at the bottom of the appearance of gesture control in the long ago, the updated Samsung Android pie 9 One UI.

But whether facts are not known, the leaked images of the outflow from the domestic Galaxy S10 Plus (tentative name). The left image is the image he saw in the SRT, the right picture is estimated leaked photos with your friends, all it seemed far as, unlike the leaked image of the front camera, the Galaxy S10 Dual Plus.


Galaxy S10


The lookback is only a difference of degree and dual cameras and camera triple longer arranged horizontally. Rear point is I do not have significantly different from the existing Galaxy series, which looks more similar to the Galaxy Note series than the previous Galaxy S series.


Galaxy S10


And look at the rendered image above, I do not have a fingerprint sensor, Galaxy S10 There seems to fit the display fingerprint. It is difficult to be sure to see only a simple rendering of images, see the information leaked experience in manufacturing promotional photos are part of the front screen fingerprint. China is already status screen fingerprint smartphones on the market, which is visible in the first line to the domestic manufacturers.

Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S10 series herald a big change since the many ways you have expectations. overall part of the Infinity-O displayed on the screen fingerprint and feeling when actually used, I’ll be about one month back stagnation revealed little seems to be better to wait. And the display of the next iPhone Apple Samsung smartphones that can not be worrying about the bonus will wonder with also want to keep the present form, create a new change.

Galaxy S10 What’s New Features you won’t find on any iPhone
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