Galaxy S10 Has A Serious Problem With The Fingerprint Scanner


galaxy s10

We always knew the fingerprint recognition method used by Galaxy S10 and many others

Android’s “modern” luxury smartphones are not ideal in terms of speed and accuracy. Now it turns out that he is not safe in everyday life. Users of foreign publication report on history. And this is not a joke


galaxy s10

Samsung has already confirmed there is a problem with the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanning system.

After applying a “protective film” on the Galaxy, a woman named Lisa Neilson accidentally unlocked the phone with her left thumb to prevent the S10 screen from being scratched. This should not happen because the phone owner only registered the fingerprint of the right hand. Lisa soon realized that she could use her finger to unlock the device, and even her husband could unlock the phone with her finger even if one of his fingerprints was not registered on the system.

Of course, this problem, however, if you remove a third-party protective accessory (film on the screen), many people are accustomed to further protecting the display from scratches.

Samsung is trying to fix a strange error, which promises a software update in the near future, which will again improve fingerprint security. At the same time, it is recommended to use only specially designed accessories for Samsung products. 


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How serious emphasis manufacturers have mentioned this issue, and Samsung has issued a formal and complete statement on the nature of the failure and future modifications. Apparently the fingerprint sensors on the S10 +, S10 5G, Note 10, and Note 10+ displays, as well as the Galaxy S10, incorrectly identify “three-dimensional patterns of some screens protected by the silicon case.”

At this time, we recommend that you do not “recommend a protective cover with a silicon screen to your device” and also “delete all previous fingerprints and re-enroll” if you have recently encountered a problem. It correctly resolves and allows you to use your chosen protection accessory without worrying about serious security breaches.

Galaxy S10 Plus Fingerprint Scanner Issues | Samsung Will Fix Bug
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