Galaxy S10 5G exploded in Korea

The scene of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G exploded overseas. The Samsung side argued Exploded because of external forces

Samsung launched and released the new flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone of the year, which includes Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and the special version is Galaxy S10 5G that comes with 4 rear cameras and 2 front cameras.

Galaxy S10 5G exploded

Recently, foreign media reports found that Galaxy S10 5G exploded in Korea, which Samsung had already examined. And provide information to CNET that the cause of such explosion was caused by external concussion Not caused by the production process in any way Which the company refused to pay damages to the owner

However, the user named “Lee” revealed that he had not made a smart phone crash or something Just put it on the table. Caused a burning smell and smoke

Galaxy S10 5G exploded, Samsung side argued Exploded because of external forces.
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