Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review: Disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review: Disadvantages


One of the new Galaxy Note 10+ owners decided to share an impression of their recently announced flagship.

Please tell us your opinion about the phone, it was formed during use. Perhaps for many, this review of Galaxy Note 10 and above will answer the key question: Is it worth buying Galaxy Note 10 or later?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
First of all, the reviewer was impressed with the new product. In his opinion, the design of the phone is great, especially if the light falls on the back of the glass case. Also, he is not an experienced user of S Pen. But there is still a reason why the user was forced to return the smartphone …


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One of the main reasons is the fingerprint scanner Note 10 and above fingers. This is a real disaster. It works very slowly, and in most cases, it requires more than one attempt to unlock the phone, which is very annoying.

Of course, everyone understands scanner integration. Fingerprints under the display are a bit of a daunting task. But while Huawei and One Plus competitors could offer a valuable solution to this problem, Samsung did not.

Second-generation fingerprint scanners on phones like the Huawei P30 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro are far superior to the Galaxy Note 10 and later versions. This became a big barrier between the user and the device.

The user also comes with a protective film when shipping. This technique may work better when you take off your screen saver, but there’s really no risk of scratching the screen. In addition to all the other phones mentioned above, the user worked much better with a protective film at the top of the screen. Still, the Note 10 + ‘s fingerprint scanner is not very accurate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

That’s not all. Mobile phones have another drawback that requires users to return Galaxy Note 10 or later. Here he is still pointing out.

It is especially common to accidentally touch a part of the phone because the display is almost entirely occupied. This is especially true if you use your phone without a case. Most of the users have used their phones with Samsung leather cases, which will provide a better interactive experience and help to avoid phantom touch.

But if you use the phone without a case, you will accidentally discover various unwanted touches Samsung has greatly improved the interface, even recently, even this new user interface does not work as smoothly as a OnePlus phone with a 90Hz display or Google Pixel.

Instead of smooth transitions, strange and uneven animations are created, making it feel stuttering and not very elegant. The whole interface is faster but still looks unstable. After using Note 10+ for a few weeks, the customer returned to OnePlus 5, and already 2 years old, but it was much more fun to interact with him.

The user also did not like the absence of headphones. Wireless headphones are great, but it’s also another gadget that needs to be charged every day, especially if you’re on the go with an old and wired headset.

Finally, Galaxy Note 10 and above were too big. Putting it in your pocket is inconvenient because of the sharp edges. If you have a mobile phone in your pocket, you can’t tie a shoelace.

Despite its many shortcomings, there are a few things: he notices a nice display, a good camera, a good battery life (not better than the Huawei P30 Pro or OnePlus 7 Pro), a beautiful phone style, and a lot of internal memory. But still, the user decided to return the smartphone.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review: Disadvantages
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