From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer “dirty”

When contemporary people regard a computer office as a common thing, no one may think that its importance is so high that it ignores the scavenger effect it brought in the history of office evolution. The way the office is run has changed dramatically over the years. From the way offices are furnished (just check out the office furniture that office monster has to offer), to people actually even coming in to work. Everything about the office is changing and has been changing for a long time.

From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer

Recently, an old picture radiated a second spring on Weibo, and its content was the constant changes of the office desktop from 1980 to 2014. Obviously, the date of birth of this animated picture was 2014 years ago, but it is still cool today. From 1980 to 2014, from desks and walls full of office appliances to a laptop and a smartphone , every patient with OCD would yell “comfortable” after reading it.

At the same time, the computer changed from a big white fat man to a big-mouthed robot cat. Its power makes us do more with less, and also lets the desktop say goodbye to “dirty mess”. Perhaps, it is more appropriate to call it “clearing the table.”

From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer

Everything from “me” to “computer”

The world’s first electronic computer, ENIAC, came out in 1946, but personal computers only officially entered offices and homes around the 1980s. For most companies and households, personal computers were a luxury at the time . According to the knowledge of netizens, the price of an IBM PC/ XT was 30,000 in 1982. As a comparison, the monthly salary of university graduates was only more than forty yuan. So, what can we do with it? Simple text and table processing, play a little game , of course, you can also use it to learn BASIC language.

At the time, not only the computer was a rarity, but there were many new gadgets in the picture. Calculators, globes, photocopiers, fax machines, glue, dictionaries, newspapers, etc. are all available. What I don’t know is the geography teacher’s desk.

Like many post-90s, I only touched the computer for the first time after the new century. “Ivory”, “giant body” and “mouse with mouse ball” formed my first impression of the computer. But in fact, modern notebook computers have been available since the 1980s, and there are more than one. IBM and Toshiba often vie for the title of “father of notebooks”.

From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer

The emergence of the laptop can be said to make the computer “both fish and bear’s paw” for the first time, its size is smaller, but the performance is not bad (one said, it is still much worse than the desktop computer in the same period). For example, Toshiba T1100, the world’s first notebook recognized by many domestic media, was born in 1985. It has an enviable figure, measuring 12×2×11 inches, and the weight of the whole machine is about 6.8 kg. This computer is equipped with a 9-inch monochrome display, an MS-DOS operating system, an 82-key keyboard, an Intel 8086 processor of less than 1MHz, a 3.5-inch 720KB hard drive, and 512KB of RAM.


In order to achieve portability, computer manufacturers at that time had to make compromises on processors and batteries. However, the first generation of notebook computers shouldered the heavy responsibility of opening up new territories, opening up a new path for the development of notebook computers.

Correspondingly, the emergence of notebook computers has brought a new look to the office environment, and the extra space can be used to pile more office supplies, so from the picture, we can see that the desks in the 1980s are not refreshing. Supplies such as printers, globes and dictionaries still exist, but the documents can already be stored in Word documents, from paper to digital format.

  At the turn of the century, the familiar three-piece office suite of Word, Exel, and PPT began to dominate the field of office software. At the same time, the online transmission of computer mail has gained rapid popularity, putting fax machines on the verge of retirement. The reduction of paper documents not only means that the desk is no longer filled with various papers, but also makes personnel communication and work efficiency greatly improved. On the other hand, digital cameras with better quality and more convenience are also emerging at this time, and film cameras are gradually being replaced. The combination of the two, from a broader perspective, is a contribution to the global environmental protection cause.

Entering the new century, the performance and functions of the computer have achieved two blossoms. We can play beautiful games on the computer and quickly process the work. In the picture, the notebook, reference book, globe, etc., after accepting the password of the laptop ” I called you, do you dare to agree”, were sucked into the screen and turned into computer software such as Wikipedia and Google Earth (to a certain extent) In fact, the rise of Internet companies such as Google is also a super beneficiary of the development and popularization of computers). In this era, people use a lot of software to do the things that the previous hardware did, and the efficiency has gone up.

By around 2005, the computer industry entered a high-speed road, especially laptops began to make a facelift. In the past, the image of “black thick” was no longer, the image of narrower borders and wider screens was very close to the current notebook products, becoming a desk A beautiful landscape.

For example, the Apple PowerBook G4 released in 2001 did not use the black hard plastic that was popular in the industry at the time, but instead used metal materials. Although it encountered engineering problems such as broken connections between the screen and the keyboard, it did not hinder its subsequent Apple notebook products. Even the in-depth impact of the design language of notebook products across the industry. Five years later, when the original MacBook Pro came out, you can still find a consistent and simple design style on it.

Apple has led the trend of simple design of notebook computers, and the development of computers has also “simplified” our desks. The animation continues to play, the time continues to scroll, the calendar and calendar are combined into a computer, the newspapers and magazines have digital versions, and the pictures can be stored in virtual folders. Social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are popular…Finally , Even the cabinet turned into a cloud disk and was taken away by a wave.

In the past 5 and 10 years, the computer industry and the Internet industry have gone hand in hand and profoundly changed the way people work. Hidden behind it is the ever-changing office needs, and the ever-changing desk has become the best witness. In the past, office workers “all needed”, but they wished to put all the tools they need on the table, and then the computer played the role of “I want all”. If you compare the computer to the city management, then it must be a good hand to manage the “dirty mess” of the office desktop.

Do n’t forget the credit of your phone

In 1973, when American Motorola engineer Martin Cooper invented the world’s first civilian mobile phone, he might not have predicted that what a cell phone that has evolved in less than 50 years could do much more than imagined. Computers are our most important office tools, but I think mobile phones should also receive a medal for managing the “dirty mess” of the desktop.

Imagine that in an era without WeChat , Weibo and Dingding, computers can communicate in different places only by e-mail with limited efficiency and information carrying capacity. Of course, the wired phone can play the role of instant messaging at this time, but the volume can not be compared with the mobile phone. When we look at the big brother in front of Martin Cooper, in fact, it has an advantage over the phone in size.

Of course, the biggest advantage of mobile phones over wired phones is portability. Don’t think that only the young people now need to pull out computers and mobile phones at the subway station at any time. Like the bosses of large companies with long history, they also need to communicate with people in other places through mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

We all know that in the late 19th and early 20th century, more than half of large companies in the United States began to expand overseas, setting up factories or branches abroad, such as Unilever, Bell Telephone, Edison Electric, etc. The production and operation of multinational companies in other countries are also increasing, such as Unilever in the United Kingdom and Nestlé in Switzerland. In short, the rapid development of companies, especially multinational companies, has given mobile phones that are known for instant messaging a greater use. In the era when the Internet is not yet developed, the role of mobile phones is irreplaceable.

In 2007, the first generation iPhone was born. It was not the first smartphone in history (the industry claims: Simon, launched by IBM in 1993, was the world’s first smartphone with a touch screen), but opened a new smartphone. Chapter. In 2008, the first Android phone HTC G1 came out, and its impact on the smartphone industry is equally great, because Android phones have greatly accelerated the road of smartphone popularization.

From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer

After the time came in 2010, smartphones ushered in a golden period of development, when the mobile Internet was striking at an unimaginable rate. What this animation does not reflect is that a smartphone is like a microcomputer. What a computer could do in the past can also be done with a smartphone. As for what a smartphone can do, I don’t have to go into details.

Take the office as an example, we can use the Dingding App to communicate with colleagues regardless of distance; we can use the QQ mailbox App to send/receive emails, no matter where; we can also use the Baidu App to search for information, no matter when…even, smartphones It can also be used to process documents and hold cloud meetings. If it is not for the limitations of screen and battery life, smartphones have more room to play in their work.

From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer

Having said that, looking at the office history of the past decades, although the mobile phone and the computer have been used for about the same time, the influence of the latter is throughout. Even if the trend of smartphones is grabbing the limelight, more is just relying on the Dongfeng of the mobile Internet. It is foreseeable that until smartphones cannot achieve the computer-like large screen and long battery life experience, computers will still be the most mainstream office equipment. What’s more, in terms of performance and heat dissipation, there are still a few streets between the smartphone and the computer. gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer

In the future, can smartphones “suck in” computers?

Will there be a day to “suck in” people?

  Smartphones have replaced computers as the number one office equipment. Imagine a little, but it’s not a fantasy. But if we are bolder, can the office be fully automated in the future?

  In the lower part of “Three Body II Dark Forest”, the actor Luo Ji wakes up during hibernation. This is the year of crisis 205 years, which is equivalent to about 2215 AD. Liu Cixin’s description of the world after 200 years left a deep impression-no matter where he went, he could feel the ubiquity of the screen. These screens disseminate public information, personalized business information, entertainment information, and can be used at any time while walking on the street. Even people’s clothes are made of electronic screens, which can change colors and patterns according to people’s moods. gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computergif how does the computer

From this cool GIF, how does the computer make the office no longer “dirty”

  The ubiquitous screen coupled with highly intelligent voice recognition has blurred the boundaries between life and work. Of course, the most important thing is that work efficiency is improved again. You don’t need to bring your computer to run around the world, because the whole world can become your computer. But even so, this future world still needs people to complete jobs, such as nurses and police officers, which are common positions in today’s society. gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer

  It is undeniable that intelligentization and unmannedness must be the trend of future social development. No need to think about the future, even if you look at the present, you can see many unmanned shadows. For example, Tesla’s car super factory, which has the world’s most intelligent fully automated car manufacturing workshop. Here, from the original material to the assembly of the finished product, the entire production process is highly intelligent, and the robot is involved in all manufacturing processes. Except for the robotic arms waving everywhere, you can hardly see people. In addition to Tesla, companies such as Alibaba and Amazon are also beginning to apply robotic operations in different areas. gif how does the computer

From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer

  The advancement of industrial modernization has made industrial robots more and more efficient and productive. Their high efficiency, low fault tolerance, and ability to adapt to the environment are huge advantages over workers. Therefore, more and more mechanical workers will lose job opportunities in the future. However, the current work that robots can replace is limited. In the face of jobs that require the use of creativity, humanism and other humanized ideas, robots or artificial intelligence have some output that is not enough compared to the human brain.

  Recently, Neuralink, a brain-computer interface research company founded by technology madman Musk, announced that it will conduct human brain-computer interface experiments within one year. Neuralink’s early goal was to help people with severe brain damage (such as stroke patients), and even restore their vision, hearing, and limb movements. The ultimate goal is gif how does the computereven more exciting, and that is to allow humans to achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence. gif how does the computer gif how does the computergif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer gif how does the computer

From this cool GIF, how does the computer make the office no longer “dirty” gif how does the computer

  When people and artificial intelligence are perfectly combined, what kind of picture is the office of the future?

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From this cool GIF how does the computer make the office no longer “dirty”
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