Fortnite Gas station (Season 10 Challenge) locations: a guide to different Gas stations

One of these missions requires you to spray different gas stations. If you need help finding them, we’ve put together this handy guide that tells you where to go.
Where are the gas stations?

There are eight gas stations in total around the island, but one of them was located in Neo Titled, which was recently transformed by a rift zone into a Wild West-themed city. after updating the contents of version 10.00, so that it’s gas station no longer appears. in the zone. However, since rift zones can change part of the map at any time, there is a chance that Neo Titled may return at some point in Season X.

Fortnite Gas station

Gas stations are usually spread around the island, but you can find some clustered in the western part of the map, making it a great place to look if you hope to take up this challenge quickly. We have indicated all the service station locations below.

Neo Tilted (currently unavailable)

Eastside of Pleasant Park

Along the road south of Pleasant Park

North of the polar peak, near the indoor soccer field

The area just north of Lucky Landing

North End of Salty Springs

The south end of Paradise Palms

South edge of the island east of Paradise Palms

Fortnite Gas station

How to take up the challenge

Once you know where to look, all you need to do is locate three of the gas stations and then give them a spray can to complete the challenge. As the name of the challenge indicates, however, you must visit three different stations for your progress to count. you can not just go back to the same resort in different games and take up the challenge that way.

Once you have sprayed three different gas stations, the challenge will be over and you will earn 10 fighting stars for your trouble. Do not forget to check out our full summary of Fortnite Season X challenges for additional tips and guides on the toughest missions of the season

Fortnite Gas station Fortnite Gas station Fortnite Gas station Fortnite Gas station Fortnite Gas station Fortnite Gas station

Fortnite Gas station (Season 10 Challenge) locations: guide to different Gas stations
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