Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone still can’t practically repair

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone Still Can’t Practically Repair


Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold

iFixit experts hurried to find out the flaw of the first folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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Report deleted Now when the Korean manufacturer completes and sells the device, the iFixit master repeatedly checked the gadget.

What did you know
As a result, Samsung actually worked: additional protection of the model: added an additional layer of metal to strengthen the screen, insulating tape, and glue, and closed the gaps and the polymer layer of the screen so that it no longer peeled off like a protective film.

However, debris and dust can still get into the bend of the display and interfere with its operation.

Everything is bad due to the maintenance features of the folding smartphone. Screens and mechanical parts are very vulnerable and vulnerable, and many components are modular, so you need to change one part along with the other.

As a result, the new version of Samsung Galaxy Fold received only 2 out of 10 for its existing maintainability.

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone still can’t practically repair
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