Famous YouTuber Jake Paul house was raided by the FBI!

Jake Paul, 23, who has more than 20 million followers, is in trouble with law enforcement. You know, he was arrested for taking part in the ” Black Lives Matter ” protests after the murder of George Floyd . Famous YouTuber Jake Paul , who was arrested in a mall in Arizona , was declared the person who started the looting at the mall. Now, the FBI , who entered his house with a search warrant , collected the weapons found in Paul’s house.

Famous YouTuber Jake Paul has trouble with the FBI
An operation was organized by the FBI team to the house of Jake Paul , one of the well-known names of YouTube . The armed SWAT team also accompanied the team that collected the weapons in the house . Although it is not known for what reason this operation was organized against Paul, it still confused the social media world.

Famous YouTuber Jake Paul house was raided by the FBI!

The FBI spokesperson said that this operation was carried out as part of an ongoing investigation, and said he could not give details because the judge sealed the investigation. It is said that the long-barreled gun also came out of the jacuzzi in the garden of the famous phenomenon.

Jake Paul faced plundering charges in Arizona. Recently he organized a party that did not comply with public health decisions. After these overlapping moves, eyes turned to Jake Paul. Things seem to be getting tough for Paul, who currently has no warrant for his arrest.


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Famous YouTuber Jake Paul house was raided by the FBI!
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