Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review – Battle Royal has never been so much fun

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a small, manageable indie game, but is currently thrilling millions. With a funny concept as well as a colorful and cuddly design, the game provided a lot of fun for us in the test. In order for the title to become a long-running hit, the developers still have to do something about the scope.

Take the genre of the Battle Royal, remove the weapons, instead let yourself be inspired by Battle Royal TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and WipeOut and combine the whole thing with the cuteness factor of the minions, and the simple but ingenious concept of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is ready . When we looked at the game for the first time at E3 2019, we attested that the project was a charming implementation of a unique game idea with the potential for great multiplayer fun. Now the game has finally started and attracted over a million players on the very first day. Initially, this hit the servers tremendously. But the developers got these initial difficulties under control relatively quickly. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

Alone against the rest
Similar to the already mentioned game shows like Takeshi’s Castle, in Fall Guys up to 60 players compete against each other in several stages of crazy course races and team games. That is a little less than the originally targeted 100 players per game. In no case does this harm the fun of the game. Even 60 players are still more than enough to stand in each other’s way when overcoming various obstacles. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

60 players at the start, the following chaos is already inevitable. At this stage we have to finish in the top 40 in order to advance to the next lap. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

Source: PC Games

And opportunities for that abound. Whether we are balancing over a crazy arrangement of seesaws, juggling ourselves over rotating discs or trying to distinguish false from real doors, the other players are usually what turns these difficult tasks into fun chaos. In some stages, however, we are also dependent on other players. There are also team events in which the remaining players are divided into two to four teams, who then try to achieve a goal together. These include games like collecting eggs in your own half of the game, pushing a large ball along an obstacle course or a form of football reminiscent of Rocket League – only without cars. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

More players are eliminated with each round. In the fourth or fifth stage there is usually the final, where the last remaining player finally wins. The fight against the different tasks and the other players is a lot of fun. Mainly because chaos, luck and skill are so closely related. Of course, frustration can sometimes arise if, for example, you fail to make a stage due to a big fight with other players or if your own team members are too stupid in team events. Often this feeling disappears quickly, because the game just wants to be fun in its kind and always creates it.

Falling beans
The characters also play a large part in the constant fun of the game. It’s basically a brightly colored blob with arms and legs that is a bit reminiscent of the Minions. The developers call these cute creatures beans, or simply fall guys. In all their kind with slapstick animations, cute noises and funny costumes, the characters are designed to make people laugh. So we sometimes have the most fun after we have already crossed the finish line and we are now watching the other Fall Guys with their awkward and involuntarily funny movements. The mishap of the other players becomes a major entertainment factor. Especially when you’ve got up to four friends in a group and you can make fun of each other’s failure. Unfortunately there is no split-screen mode, because Fall Guys would be predestined as a party game on the couch. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

By completing games, we earn experience points that flow into a seasonal progression system with various rewards.
Source: PC Games

The game has some customization options so that not all characters look the same. The color, pattern and face of our Fall Guy can be changed. We can also put on different costume pieces on the upper and lower body. The cosmetic options are earned on the one hand through advancement in a seasonal progression system and on the other hand they are acquired in an in-game shop. For the latter, the two currencies kudos and kroner are required. Kudos come after every game, depending on how far we’ve come. We earn crowns primarily through victories, but also through the season. Kudos can also be purchased for real money. However, we felt Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

The first season runs for the next two months. After that, it will be exciting to see how the developers intend to keep the players engaged. A truckload of new costumes alone will probably not be enough. The number of different stages ran out pretty quickly. Repeating the same stages often doesn’t really hurt your motivation. But the situations are always different due to the many unpredictable players. But in the longer term, the game rounds should also provide a breath of fresh air and more variety. Because just as the idea of ​​the game fits on a beer mat, the scope is also manageable, but this is masked by the unbelievable fun. In this respect it is also a shame that there is no level editor. With such a tool and the creativity of the players, there would be no limits to endless fun. If the developers manage to build on the good basis in whatever form, Fall Guys can establish itself as a fun multiplayer alternative in the long term, which can even inspire those who don’t want to play multiplayer for one or the other funny game in between. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

Even as a multiplayer grouch, I have a lot of fun.”
As a rule, I can’t win anything from multi-player games, especially not when it’s competitive or even Battle Royal. But Fall Guys hit a nerve with me. The chaotic bouncing around, liking and running of these cuddly characters is such a great joy that I can’t stop at all. Fun and frustration are quite close together here, but somehow that doesn’t bother me at all. Rather, it motivates me to try again and again. When I’ve finally managed to emerge as the winner, I’m all the more happy. I’m still unsure about the long-term motivation of the game. I still doubt whether the funny arguments, as fun as they are, can still inspire me after the first season without a significant increase in content. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review - Battle Royal has never been so much fun

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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review – Battle Royal has never been so much fun
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