Facebook Gaming app is restricted Apple barrier to Facebook’s game application!

Facebook announced a game application called Facebook Gaming in order not to be missing from the playground. The application, which appeared in April as a rival to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, now comes up with a different reason. Facebook Gaming application is on the agenda with the obstacle on the App Store side.

Facebook Gaming app is restricted
Facebook draws attention with its versatile moves. The company, which bought many platforms, now offered the Gaming application as a trump card in order to challenge its giant competitors . Only broadcasts can be watched on the Facebook Gaming platform , which is exposed to Apple’s restrictive policies . Apple , which will not allow playing games , restricts the platform at this point. Facebook Gaming app is restricted

Facebook Gaming app offered for App Store . He is not satisfied with the presentation, however. Because the game playing feature, which is one of the important features of the platform, is prevented by the App Store not allowing this service. The same policy applies to Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud .

Facebook Gaming app is restricted Apple barrier to Facebook's game application!

Facebook CEO Cheryl Sandberg said: “Unfortunately, we had to completely remove the game functionality to get Apple’s approval for the standalone Facebook Gaming app, so iOS users will have a lower gaming experience than Android users.” says.

Facebook normally planned to offer its mobile app for both stores in April. The company, which targets iOS users at the same time with Android, was stuck on the Apple side and its release on the iOS side was delayed.

Facebook Gaming could not be published for the App Store, because it violated Apple’s App Store rule on third-party software . This rule is added based on allowing HTML 5 games unless it is the primary purpose of the distribution related to the code. Facebook Gaming app is restricted

In fact , 95 percent of the uses in the Android application are said to be caused by watching game streams, however, the fact that the mobile application comes in a limited way on the iOS side seems to bother the Facebook side. Facebook Gaming app is restricted

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Facebook Gaming app is restricted Apple barrier to Facebook’s game application!
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