Drone Video shooting tips with drone

Drone Video shooting tips with drone

Social media is focused on photo and video content, and let’s face it, you’re not satisfied with watching videos shot with the drone. However, to make a successful video with the drone, it is necessary to pay attention to a few minor details. So, what are the drone video shooting tips with the drone ?

How to take a video with the drone?
As soon as you get a drone , if you think you will start shooting Hollywood- quality videos, you may be a little disappointed. But we will give you the necessary hints to achieve this goal.

Drone Video shooting tips with drone

Be a good drone pilot
You bought a new drone and want to start shooting right now, right? Stop first. You must be a good drone pilot first. Learn how to control the drone , how to fly very well, practice for hours. Meanwhile, be prepared to crash with the drone and drop the drone. That is why we recommend that you start learning to drive a drone with mini drones of 25-50 g. These small drones make it easier for us to understand the drone flight dynamics that you have to calculate very different physical effects than we are used to.

Then you can fly heavier and more expensive drones with expensive cameras safely. Advanced drones also have “automatic” flight support systems, yes, but it is very important to learn the drone’s flight mechanics manually before handing yourself over to these automated systems. Automated systems may also deteriorate day by day and you may have to go through manual control, as well as losing your precious drone that day, there may be the risk of a heavy drone falling over people, injuring people, crashing vehicles. These are not jokes.

A half-pound, 1-pound, 3-pound, 5-pound drone can kill a person if he falls into the crowd from a height of 15 meters. So when you get a drone in your hand, you have to know how to fly it safely on your own.

Drone Video shooting tips with drone

Get camera filters
The quality of the videos taken with the drone largely depends on the technical specifications of the camera on the drone . However, these cameras are produced with many restrictions due to reasons such as weight and cost. When shooting in sunny weather, intense light will distort the image taken by the camera. You can fix some of this corruption in video editing software, but you may not get a very successful result. So take precautions from the outset and get filters for your drone camera, such as ND filters , which eliminate the damage of intense sunlight .

Shoot in slow motion
Drones can be very nimble vehicles, but when shooting from high altitude and the details you take have turned into small details from afar, the flow of the image very quickly, very fast turns, quick shots tire the eye of the audience and make it difficult to understand the details. For this reason, try to make your drone shots as low as possible and with very soft movements, very soft turns drone video shooting tips.

Drone Video shooting tips with drone

Edit colors
If your drone camera is not a professional level camera in the caliber used by cinema directors, the raw images you will get from the camera will be in extremely pale colors. You should know that if you post images on social media this way, it will not have a big impact. After taking the images from the camera, you should correct their colors and adjust the contrast and light settings in video editing software. So you can get more vivid, brighter colors. This is the secret of impressive drone videos with those brilliant colors you see on social media drone video shooting tips.

Wait for the right time of the day
Instead of taking your drone shots at any time of the day, we recommend you to do it in the morning or evening near the sunset when the sun’s rays come at an oblique angle. Thus, instead of the images that the light shines on objects on the ground and forces the camera, you are shooting in a quieter light. Moreover, since the shade lengths of the objects will increase, their dimensions will be better selectable when viewed from above, which will make the aerial shot more impressive drone video shooting tips.

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Drone Video shooting tips with drone
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