Doom classics meet players on many platforms


When the Doom series is mentioned, it avoids it because it is a long-established series and there is no player who does not know its name. Which means it’s a respectable series. The Doom series was a big surprise for us. Because he made an exit that we never thought possible. Before going into the details of our news, let us first leave you with the video released for this surprise.


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Doom classics

Doom classics

Doom series re-released

As you know, Doom Eternal is preparing to meet us. The Bethesda team offered us Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 again to keep this in mind. Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3, has been featured on the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. What’s more, Doom and Doom 2 have been released for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. What was surprising was that all of this had happened unexpectedly.

Doom Classics Meet Players On Many Platforms
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