Disable Face ID: Permanently turn off iPhone and iPad face recognition

Disable Face ID: Permanently turn off iPhone and iPad face recognition

With the iPhone X, Apple introduced its 3D face recognition Face ID, which can be used to unlock the manufacturer’s smartphones without a code. The practical feature has also found its way into some iPads. But: Not everyone is convinced of it. We explain how you can deactivate Face ID Disable Face ID.

It’s that easy on the iPhone
To get rid of Face ID on your iPhone , you first have to go to the iOS settings. Here you then tap on “Face ID & Code”. Note that this menu item only exists if your device also supports 3D facial recognition. The iPhone will then ask you for the code that you use to unlock the phone. After entering You arrive at the Face ID settings and can set about various switches where you you can authenticate anywhere via facial recognition. The choices are:

  • “Unlock iPhone”
  • “ITunes & App Store”
  • “Apple Pay”
  • “Password autom. to complete”
  • “Other apps”

If you flip all switches to the left, you have successfully deactivated Face ID on your iPhone. That means: Instead of face recognition, you now always authenticate yourself with code.

Disable Face ID: Permanently turn off iPhone and iPad face recognition

Turn off Face ID on iPad
As you may know, Apple’s tablets have not been running iOS for some time, especially iPadOS. However, the two operating systems are identical in many respects. This also applies to the deactivation of Face ID on the iPad. The whole thing works the same as on the iPhone. So just follow the path “Settings | Face ID & Code ”and flip the switches mentioned there.

Disable Face ID: is that a good idea at all?
The 3D face recognition is supposed to make unlocking iPhone and iPad as well as the authorization of purchases in the App Store more convenient: If you identify yourself with Face ID, you do not have to enter your code. This not only saves you from typing, but also significantly speeds up the whole process.

Older Apple devices offer a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) as an alternative to entering a code. However, you cannot choose between Face ID and Touch ID. Because there is no iPhone or iPad that offers both 3D face recognition and a fingerprint sensor Disable Face ID.

So if you switch off Face ID, you have to enter your code every time. There is no good reason to deactivate Face ID. After all, 3D facial recognition is extremely safe – and Apple takes data protection very seriously .

Do you use Face ID on your iPhone or iPad? And if not: What do you think speaks against it? We are looking forward to your comment!

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Disable Face ID: Permanently turn off iPhone and iPad face recognition
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