Darkroom for iOS: This makes it a powerful app for image and video editing

Darkroom for iOS


Darkroom has long been considered a solid image editing app for iOS. Thanks to a major update, the software now also has a video editor, which makes it even more effective. Reason enough to take a closer look at the app and its functions.

One of the best tools for image editing
If you an iPhone owns or iPad and are looking for a solid image editing app, you should take a look at Darkroom throwing: The software is suitable for both professional and amateur photographers and comes with a variety of tools. In addition to filters (you can even create them yourself), there are tools for editing brightness, perspective, saturation, color correction, and much more. Basically, Darkroom works similarly to Apple’s in-house photos app – but offers better tools.

Even RAW photos you can edit in Darkroom. RAW files contain all raw data from the camera sensor, which means that they contain far more image information. This makes post-processing much more flexible.

Darkroom thanks to the update also with a video editor
Darkroom has recently become even more interesting: The developers installed a video editor in their app in mid-April 2020. This offers all the tools that the software also comes with for image processing. So you can not only cut videos but also apply various sliders for brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

One advantage: The darkroom has more flexible export options for videos. Especially when you edit your clips on the iPhone, you may not want to share a huge file with your friends in the end. The darkroom, therefore, offers you to compress the videos.


With a subscription model since the beginning of the year
The whole thing has a catch: In order to get the most out of Darkroom, you have recently had to take out a subscription. This costs you either 4.49 euros per month or 21.99 euros per year. You can also pay a one-off payment of 54.99 euros to use Darkroom virtually forever. However, this feature will probably not convince all potential new users. After all, not everyone is willing to invest money in an app every month to be able to use all functions.

After all: When you open the app for the first time, you can simply close the window that offers you the subscription. You can then use the Darkroom free of charge. Luckily, many editing tools are also included in the free version. You only need the subscription for some premium features (e.g. watermarks).

Are you interested and would like to try out the app? You can download it from the App Store here.

Do you even know a better solution for editing your photos?

Darkroom for iOS: This makes it a powerful app for image and video editing
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