Control Review


Control Review


We are at a time when expectations have fallen a bit after Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break. Control, which follows the steps of Quantum Break, which cannot fully create the desired effect, stands out with more successful details in the gameplay. When RTX technology comes in, your eyes are brightened.


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The play story tells the story of what happened to Jesse Faden and her sister after a supernatural event. But the real mess starts with the abduction of Jesse’s sister by the Federal Bureau of Control. Jesse enters the Oldest House, which has become an “emergency shutdown”, hoping to find her sister.

The whole game takes place in one place, but we actually have Metroidvania logic. Metroidvania means we’re on a single, big map. This requires keeping in mind some points.

Even though Control has taken this structure as its main idea, it has not been able to present it to the player exactly as he wants. With Metroidvania, it is easy to memorize the map, somehow you know where to go and it’s not easy to lose your way. The reason why this system cannot be fully seated in Control is that there are many offices and secret rooms in the game.

The gameplay mechanics in the world of Control are incredibly fun. In TPS mode you can get enough of the action, and Jesse’s special powers help you with that. There’s a limit to Jesse’s power, in which case you can wrap your gun and shower enemies with bullets. Weapons can be strengthened just like Jesse himself.

The important thing is to use your power, pay attention to your energy and not to miss the end of the rope. The enemies that will welcome you in the game world are not ordinary. Your environment has scary corridors where a number of experiments threaten the Earth into emergency shutdown mode.

However, it is almost impossible to see even one alive. At this point, you are looking for your sister and trying to clear the secret behind the events. Enemies come as a hiss. Feels, multi-dimensional enemy power. The only purpose is to destroy and seize. The battle part doesn’t lose any of the fun and some puzzle elements are added to the game.

Puzzles can’t go any further than unlocking doors and finding lab notes. However, the videos, audio recordings, and notes you find provide a lot of information about the game story. Especially the presentation of the videos in the consistency of the series was a nice detail. Control is a game developed with Northlight technology.

If you rely on your PC system requirements and have an RTX graphics card, you can be sure to be visually satisfied. In general, the game is not perfect, small bugs and a structure that can forget itself. Control could have been much more successful if the character story were more striking or challenging puzzles. If you like the action, adventure genre and you expect fun gameplay, you are invited to a mystery-filled story.

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