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Chrome Android app will be faster

Chrome Android app will be faster

Google’s Chrome Android app is poised to finally get its long-awaited update. Google , which has been criticized as being too late , will take the Chrome app one step further on the Android side after the new update . The important difference with Apple will also be closed.

Chrome Android app will get 64-bit support
According to emerging information, Google will be starting to offer 64-bit support on the Android side with the Chrome 85 update . Google, which has been criticized for being too late on the mobile side, is taking the expected step in the end. Chrome, which will continue to be developed with the new 64-bit architecture, will be at a better point especially in terms of speed.

Chrome Android app will be faster

Details about the 32-bit Chrome 83 and 64-bit Chrome 85 comparison also appeared. According to the comparison table published by AndroidPolice, there is a noticeable difference in the Octane 2.0 benchmark tests. While the total score of Chrome 83 remains at 15515, the benchmark score of the 64-bit supported Chrome 85 application can reach the level of 16785.

The new 64-bit supported Chrome Android app update is expected to be released in August. In this process, Google has started Chrome 86 development. Chrome 86 version also shows itself with 64 bit support. Therefore, it is possible to say that Google has switched to 64 bit architecture at least on the Android side, at least for Chrome.

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Chrome Android app will be faster
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