In recent years, with the continuous rise of the mobile game industry, all kinds of mobile game masterpieces have emerged, attracting the attention of many game lovers. The emergence of various mobile game e-sports competitions has also made the mobile game industry gradually hotter and more professional. As a carrier of mobile games, smartphones can’t miss this hot spot. In the past two years, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched game phones with super performance Black Shark 2, which provides new choices for mobile gamers.

As the mobile phone industry has become very transparent, the performance gap between the products at the same price is not very large, and many flagship products have been able to meet the smooth running of mobile games on the hardware level. However, many flagship products are not optimized for mobile games in terms of battery life, software optimization, and heat dissipation. Therefore, in order to obtain a better game experience, many game enthusiasts have chosen a more professional game phone.

On the evening of March 18th, Black Shark Technology held a new product launch conference in Beijing. The new Black Shark game mobile phone 2 officially met with consumers. This mobile phone not only has top performance, but also has better cooling performance and game optimization, and this year, Black Shark 2 has created a lot of new gameplay on the control level, making this mobile phone a unique tool for gamers.

After the product launch, many players are curious about this phone. What are the unique features of the Black Shark game phone 2? After the product launch, Xiaobian had the opportunity to interview Wu Shimin, CEO of Black Shark Technology, and Chen Hongwei, Vice President of Black Shark Technology Product Line. In this issue, “The Story Behind”, let us reveal how Blackrock Shark Game 2 is a hardcore player. Prepare your phone.

A fully optimized screen is essential:

It’s not easy to be a hard-core game phone. In addition to the top performance, but also consider the fuselage heat, screen display, body feel and other aspects. In order to create an excellent game phone for the ultimate gamer, the Black Shark game phone 2 is obviously much more than we imagined.

Black Shark 2

Black Shark 2 Back

Players who play hand games often need to face the screen of the mobile phone for a long time. How to reduce the influence of the screen on the eyes becomes one of the problems of the test manufacturers. In order to bring a more beautiful picture, AMOLED screen is indispensable, and the AMOLED screen with DC dimming can reduce the damage of stroboscopic eyes. “When we communicated with users, many users gave feedback to this situation,” said Chen Hongwei, vice president of Black Shark Technology Line. “Most users use screens for longer periods of three to five hours, and many users. The screen light is darker, so combined with True View Display technology, DC dimming can be used at low frequencies to make the visual aspect more protective.” It is not difficult to see that in order to enhance the game experience of players, the black shark did a lot of work in this new flagship.

In fact, in addition to DC dimming, the screen of Black Shark 2 has many innovations. For example, the screen of Black Shark 2 is the first screen to achieve a 240Hz touch rate. The delay is very low, and the touch response time is as low as 43.5ms. It can be realized faster in “Jesus Survival: Stimulating Battlefield”. Shooting speed. In addition, the Black Shark game phone 2 also has a Magic Press pressure touch screen, which also brings a more efficient game operation experience for mobile gamers.

Black Shark 2

Four fingers to eat chicken through Magic Press pressure touch screen

“This technology is far more complex than we think, especially in a complex state structure. The pressure-sensitive touch screen also involves a lot of structural design and the anti-interference content of the circuit. It is a complete system. “It is not possible to achieve it overnight,” said Wu Shimin, CEO of Black Shark Technology. “When I first started this function, I felt that the difficulty was quite great. I can’t make it if I can make it, but we must try this work first. It was only in December last year that it gave a reassuring result.” In fact, it is not difficult to see through this point that the team of Black Shark game mobile phone is indeed creating the most extreme experience for game lovers, and from the results, Black Shark 2 has indeed brought us an excellent experience. A single screen, with DC dimming and pressure sensitive screen technology, which also let us see the black shark technology pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience.

Redesigned interior:

The ultimate hardcore gamers tend to have higher requirements for the gaming experience, in addition to the visual effects, the tactile effects are also worth considering. Many people who have started the Black Shark game phone 2 will be deeply impressed by its tactile experience. The punch and the flesh, the crisp touch, and the whole mobile phone ring are rare. In fact, friends who are familiar with mobile phones know that to get a good experience, linear motors are essential. On the motor drive, the optimization of the Black Shark technology team is better. “The start and stop times of the motor have made better parameters. From the start of the vibration to the final shock, this time is shorter than other friends.” This is why the black shark game phone 2 feels good. .

The integration of smartphones is getting higher and higher, which also leads to the use of mobile phones to play games, there will be a certain point temperature exceeds expectations, resulting in hot. Some mobile phones are not good enough in terms of heat dissipation, which is why more professional players choose game phones.

Black Shark 2

Partition liquid cooling

In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, the black shark first proposed the concept of partitioning. According to Chen Hongwei, vice president of the Black Shark Technology product line, this concept is not found in other industries in the industry. “The traditional motherboard is to put the PMU (power management unit), charging components, CPU and memory chips on a motherboard, the wiring is relatively simple; and the black shark will separate the components of the motherboard, through the very complex NPC The connection is equivalent to the following is a power board with a CPU motherboard. The advantage of this is that the heat transfer of the original mobile phone under high load operation is spread, and the large area of liquid cooling plate covers these heat sources. Live, the heat can pass through the tower’s superimposed structure, and the best temperature is achieved through the middle frame and the graphite sheet.”

Black Shark 2

Black shark game phone 2 is very uniform

After our actual test, when using Black Shark game mobile phone 2 to play “Crash 3”, the back temperature of the mobile phone is 33.9 ° C, and according to the heat map, the temperature of the whole mobile phone is very uniform, and there is no overheating of a certain area. The problem, it can be seen that the “main board partition + large area liquid cold plate” cooling mode, has produced a very successful cooling effect, handheld black shark game mobile phone 2 play mobile games, basically can bid farewell to the phenomenon of hot.

In-depth user and player as friends:

What is a qualified game phone? Only hardcore players who have long-term hand-playing games are eligible to answer this question. In the process of project development, if there is no player participation, the products created are also castles in the air, not grounded.

Many users of game phones are professional gamers. According to the data provided by the official black shark, more than 80% of the black shark game mobile phone users have an average game duration of more than 5 hours per day. It is these hardcore users who constantly provide advice to the black shark and let each of the black sharks The products have new highlights.

Black Shark 2

Black Shark Gaming Phone 2

What factors should be available to the game phone, the players must be the clearest. Only by creating innovations around real players can mobile phones be recognized by this group of people. During the interview, Black Shark CEO Wu Shimin said that the current black shark has four or five thousand fan bases, and many gamers are communicating with the black shark engineers. “These players are better than our testing department and ask more questions than our full-time test engineers.” It can be seen that by making friends with the player, the Black Shark 2 can gain recognition from more professional players.

Written at the end:

Why is Black Shark 2 a must-have for hardcore gamers? I think I can already find the answer from some of the above details. Everything in the black shark is built around the player and will never compromise on the gaming experience. It is also because of the deep insight and ultimate pursuit of the black shark’s game experience that it has created this unique game phone.

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The story behind: Why Black Shark 2 can become a player hardcore equipment


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