The best-selling smartphone models 2020

Even though Corona has slowed down the virus because the sales of smart phones affect the whole world , people continue their normal lives. Smartphone manufacturers have introduced their new models even if they are delayed and put them on sale. While closing the months of 2020 , the best-selling smartphone models 2020were also announced.

The best-selling smartphone models 2020

What are the best-selling smartphone models 2020?
News about smartphone sales came in the first quarter of 2020 . Looking at the numbers of the smartphone models sold, it is possible to see that users prefer certain phones. The most affordable model of Apple among the newest iPhone series, the iPhone 11 managed to become the world’s best-selling phone in the first months of 2020. Samsung Galaxy A51 , which is in a very assertive position among affordable phones, also ranked 2nd in this list. When we look at the third row , Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, which attracts a lot of attention in our country ,We see the model. This model can be taken with the lowest budget ta l was taking place in the first rank among efon on.

The best-selling smartphone models 2020

List of the first 3 during an affordable price attention to three e ‘s not surprising that the ken phone. Users all over the world are turning to affordable phones. When we look at the continuation of the list, it is possible to see flagship high-priced phones . This is an indication that users first allocate their budgets for affordable phones, but a particular audience is not afraid to pay high fees to smartphones .

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The best-selling smartphone models 2020
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