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10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Would you like your time to play PUBG Mobile to be more fun? In this article, we have included the mistakes made especially by new players. Players who do not make mistakes here are winning!

Everyone is making mistakes on PUBG Mobile. Nobody started this game as a professional player. Therefore, you are not alone. In PUBG Mobile, where you take the time to relieve stress, dying constantly may bother you best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

As you may remember, we have published an article titled “Best PUBG Mobile tactics 2020: Part One” for you. This article is a continuation of our first article. Let’s focus on what should not be done about the best tactics this time .

10 tactics to play PUBG Mobile in an enjoyable way

In this content, which you can also call “Best PUBG Mobile tactics 2020: Part Two”, you can come across any mistakes you have already made or have already made. So you can have the opportunity to improve yourself.

You can also see mistakes that should not be made as a tactic. Because sometimes it is necessary to be aware of the tactics that should not be applied. In this context, let’s talk about the first mistake made by new players: To be afraid to die.

If you are new to this universe, you should never be afraid to die. You are a student at this stage. Remember, the best-known players made many more mistakes than you do today. The factor that brought them to this point was not to be afraid of death best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Feel free to try new strategies to learn PUBG Mobile. You can try 10 strategies and fail all of them. You can improve yourself by taking lessons from your mistakes. For this reason, consider dying.

Analyze your failures and understand why you died. Thus, you will not repeat an error you have made again and you will not die. If you want to be among the best in PUBG Mobile, you should develop your own tactics.

Write down the tactics that are useful to you. Try to fully implement these tactics in every match. In addition, determine the success rates of the plans you have designed. Don’t haze on the lawn until the encounter ends.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

To die a little does not mean to be good. You should get all the experience opportunities PUBG Mobile offers you. Never escape the action. If necessary, die many times. The secret to being the best on this road is not to be afraid of dying.

We can say that regular practice will make you perfect. The first goal of a novice player should be experience. You should aim to learn before you want to win matches best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

Staying away from everyone

This error is a mistake made by players who fear to die involuntarily. It is impossible to score points in a place where players do not conflict with each other. In addition, being immortal is not a useful tactic in the absence of anyone.

Weapons in PUBG Mobile are just like money. It will not work if it is not used at a necessary and valid moment. Learning to use these weapons by staying away from everyone is just a dream.

If you think that making this mistake is not lethal, you are definitely wrong. It is very clear that it is not possible to progress without gaining experience in PUBG Mobile. You can only learn to be fast in areas where there is plenty of action.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Learning to move quickly in places where there is a high risk of stress and death allows you to become a true professional. In order to learn to be fast, you have to risk dying. Making mistakes and dying is inherent in this game.

You cannot develop by staying away from everyone. For this reason, the errors we have talked about so far are directly related. If you do not want your player and competitive spirit to die, you should heed our advice.

Apart from these, it can be boring to try to escape from the place called “Red Area” in every match. This area is usually close to where the players are crowded. You can kill many people in that mess. In short, the game calls you to action best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Forget checking the minimap: Red Area

Checking the map in PUBG Mobile means controlling the game. You should always check the map to escape from these areas, also called “Unsafe Areas”, which cause a player to get fatal damage.

Another benefit of controlling the map is about increasing the forecast power. Professional players always control the minimap and avoid estimating the location of unsafe areas.

If you manage to overcome this forgetfulness and regularly look at the minimap in every game, you will have solid ideas about where these areas appear. So you can act before anyone else and protect yourself.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

We have an additional advice for you. If you cannot predict where the next hazardous area will appear, use your energy drink and run there as soon as the relevant area appears, or grab a car if you have a car nearby.

Playing PUBG Mobile does not mean not training.

Some of the new players are spending time in matches where the rankings are determined while they do not have any information about PUBG Mobile yet. Many of the players who take part in these encounters are people who pass through the paths of new players best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

A player who is inexperienced in this game must be familiar with the settings of PUBG Mobile. In addition, it is not mandatory to use the settings offered by the game by default. These two issues are extremely important.

In this context, it is not possible for a player who does not train to become a good and successful player in PUBG Mobile. Personalization of weapons, vehicles and game settings in the game increases efficiency.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

The fact that new players do not practice means that they will be constantly killed. Because all of these players have personalized settings and these people dominate the game. Therefore, it is normal for new players to be easily killed in such encounters.

Counter-Strike players have a well-known topic: being able to establish a bond with the weapon. You may not have the most powerful weapon in your hand, but that does not mean that you will fail. Your favorite weapon to use is your most powerful weapon best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

If you practice regularly, you can learn all weapons, all vehicles and all game settings. Thus, you will realize the factors that make you successful in the game and you will save time.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Not knowing about weapons
Unfortunately, this error is among the mistakes that caused many players to be killed a lot. Some of the new players don’t know anything about weapons. It is essential to know which weapon is the best and to know which weapon is the worst.

Having a considerable amount of information about weapons means taking control of the vehicles that lead you to victory in the game. Knowing where and at what time to use a gun saves lives.

As we said before, your most powerful weapon is your weapon that makes you feel most comfortable. Of course, the importance of a weapon’s damage to the opponent is an undeniable fact, but sometimes a disadvantageous weapon on paper can be turned into a killing machine in the hands of the right people.

Games seek to establish an inefficient communication with pions
“What role does this error have in killing a player?” you might ask. The answer is about distraction. Striving to say various words to players in a match can cause deviations from the main goal of the game. Playing PUBG Mobile means taking action for specific purposes.

Let’s explain this situation with an example: If a player does not give war tactics to his friends on his team and shows behaviors that decrease their motivation, the probability of losing that match on behalf of that team is very high.

Provide a short and clear communication with your friends. Make sure that this communication is aimed at winning war. An inefficient communication can greatly reduce the performance of both the speaking player and other players. You appreciate that mastering this game requires a high concentration.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Playing PUBG Mobile requires openness to innovation
As is known, PUBG Mobile is a constantly updated game. In this context, some weapons are strengthened, while others are weakened or new weapons that are stronger than all weapons are added to the game. The flow of innovation should not be resisted.

Of course, it is important to use only certain weapons and to specialize on them, but this has a certain limit. Professional players always show interest in new weapons and new tactics.

Knowing how to use only a few guns does not turn anyone into a professional player. This mistake, which is among the mistakes made by new players, hinders their development.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Expert players develop new strategies every day. A weapon in your possession cannot protect you forever. Because the best of this game changes the battle plans if necessary to resist the frequently used weapons.

One of the facts that make professional players professional is this: Knowing where and how to use a weapon at the right time. The way to do this is to know how to use all the weapons best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

New players must agree to be open to innovation from the very beginning. Otherwise, trying to improve is equivalent to wasting paddling best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

You can die while learning to use unfamiliar weapons. As we said before, to be the best in this production, we should never be afraid of dying. Therefore, if there is no pain, then there is no gain best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Apart from that, the fact that a new player knows how to use only a few weapons causes that person to fail. Let’s explain this situation with a short example: If you don’t have weapons you love to use or know how to use in your location, how can you be successful?

Players who do not take precautions and practice on this issue can easily be killed. If you want, let’s move on to another topic that is directly linked to the use of weapons and continue our article best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

Not taking into account the bullets of weapons
The bullets of each weapon are different, and the bullets have an exit speed. So one gun fires faster, while another gun fires more slowly. New players often forget to take this into account.

The projectile firing speed of a scoped rifle and the bullet firing speed of a scanning rifle are of course not the same, but the damage to these weapons is different. For this reason, the usage time of the scoped rifle and the use of the scanning rifle are different best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

Thus, it was once again revealed how important it is to train and learn about weapons before serious encounters. If you wish, let’s talk about the last 2 mistakes and finish our article best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

Not taking into account the graphical distance
The appearance and perception of a distant object may change during the encounter. The best land mass supporting this argument is the mountain. As you realize, as you approach a mountain, the view of that mountain becomes clearer.

This factor, also called the graphical distance, is also valid for the grass that many new players love. We have bad news for new players who feel safe by hiding themselves on the grass: The lawns are not as safe as we thought. Playing PUBG Mobile is not as easy as expected best pubg mobile tactics 2020 .

A very distant object can make you feel as if you are using the graphics card on a computer that was produced in 1995. This also applies to your competitors. So why is hiding on the grass a fatal mistake?

10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020

If you are jumping on a lawn in the middle of an empty field, this can cost you a lot. Because someone who is 300 meters away from you can see a flat and green surface instead of seeing the grass that you are talking about.

From that point on, hiding in grass will not work because that person will see you comfortably and will kill you very easily. Always hide behind a solid object and do not be affected by the graphical distance.

Not following professional players
Another mistake that is usually made by new players is not to watch videos of players who are experts in this game. There are dozens of PUBG Mobile videos, especially on YouTube. So what are these videos for?

Practicing what the world-famous PUBG Mobile players do is always an advantage. Following their videos regularly and assimilating their advice will speed up your development.

Professional players follow each other. Unfortunately, many of the new players are not diligent about training and following the advice of experts. Your diligence will set you apart from other players who have just started this game. In this way, it will be more enjoyable to play PUBG Mobile for you now  best pubg mobile tactics 2020.

We came to the end of another article. The third and final episode of this series will be published soon. What mistakes do you think new players can’t reach the level they want? We look forward to your valuable comments.

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10 ways to win on PUBG Mobile: Fatal kills best pubg mobile tactics 2020
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