The Best Game Controllers for Android Games

The world has changed. Slowly the days of traditional console gaming are drifting away leaving us with a demand for better portable games. Even new consoles offer their users the opportunity to take their games on the road. Mobile gaming has become the new standard. No longer can we be satisfied with tapping a screen to make a bird fly between pipes or to launch another bird at a few pigs. Mobile gaming has become an industry and to stay competitive with the rest of the Pixel 3 users, you will need to find an advantage and the best advantage available is having the power of a console controller in the palm of your hand.


 Product BrandNamePrice
Gam3GearGam3Gear Palm Pocket Size 8Bitdo Zero Wireless Gamepad Controller $16.88
PowerAPowerA MOGA Hero Power – Electronic Games$27
SatechiSatechi Bluetooth Wireless Universal Game Controller Gamepad$29.99
RazerRazer Serval – Mobile Gaming Controller$110.80
SteelSeriesSteelSeriesSteelSeries Stratus XL, Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller $33.68


The Best Game Controllers With that in mind – let’s take a look at the top 5 best gaming controllers available for Android Games

5. 8BitDo Zero:

Sometimes the best thing to do is to stick to the classics. The 8BitDo won’t break your budget and the nostalgic feel of a familiar controller is sure to make many gamers smile. This built-in Bluetooth controller comes with a micro USB charger that provides up to twenty hours of gameplay on a single charge. This controller will be compatible with most games, but be aware – it doesn’t have the analog joysticks of some of its counterparts. 8BitDo has the widest variety of controller looks and styles and just one of their many options can be found here:


4. MOGA Hero Power
Now we start to get into the heavier duty controllers. The Moga Hero Power debuts on our list as the first controller to include the analog joysticks, and also the first to have a connected clip to hold your Pixel 3 device while you play. With its console-style grips and wide array of additional buttons, the Moga offers a more intuitive gaming experience than some of its counterparts. One of the best features of the Moga unit is its ability to charge your device while your game – and the Bluetooth capabilities even allow you to shift your session to your TV!

3. Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad
Made by Satechi with console gamers in mind, this controller combines a sleek appearance with superior performance. The spring-loaded holder offers the user a little more security and a better “fit” for your device while you play and the power saver mode will ensure your controller is charged and ready to go when you are.



2. Razer Serval

A company with a great reputation for making console controllers has brought their talents to the mobile gaming world. The Razer Serval brings many years of gaming expertise to the table in our second-ranked gaming controller for your Pixel 3. The Serval is both a Bluetooth or a wired controller depending on your styles and preferences and is set up to pair itself with multiple devices (and platforms)! Unlike some of the other controllers on our list, the Serval offers unique, all-in-one abilities to be the only controller you could need in your home.

The controller comes with an additional, adjustable clip to fit your device snugly into the controller for gaming on the go. At home, the Razer Cortex system that comes built-in with your Serval controller will offer you the opportunity to even bring your PC gaming experiences to your Android TV in addition to your mobile gaming. While this controller starts as a gaming controller for your device, it could end up as your controller of choice for all your gaming needs.



1. SteelSeries Stratus XL
The Best Game Controllers Coming in at number one is the SteelSeries Stratus XL. This controller combines and looks and feel of the most popular console controllers on the market and brings them to the mobile gaming environment. Designed with customization and intricacy in mind, this piece of hardware offers the user the ability to specify just how sensitive they want the triggers and joysticks to be.

Whether you prefer a hair-trigger or a dead zone – you can program your Stratus XL to fit your needs. Four LED lights easily show connectivity and status of your controller while you enjoy playing for up to forty hours at a time. For the most precise and longest-lived gaming experience available, the Stratus XL is the superior choice.


The Best Game Controllers Any of these controllers will dramatically improve your gaming performance on your Pixel 3 device – they all offer a degree of control that is simply lacking in tapping and dragging your finger on the screen. No two gamers are exactly the same – we all like our controls to respond a little differently and generally there is no “one size fits all” in video gaming controllers. That being said, the precision and the customization options of the SteelSeries Stratus XL come as close as anything will. The ability to hone the triggers and button responsiveness to our unique, individual needs stands a head above the rest of the competition.

The Best Game Controllers for Android Games
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