Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

The topic of artificial intelligence has become indispensable in today’s world. More and more companies are developing innovative solutions that want to simplify people’s lives with the help of machine learning, big data and digital assistants. Some players are particularly active here and invest considerable sums in AI and Co. We would like to introduce these to you below. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

When you think of artificial intelligence, you often imagine human-like robots that perfect human-machine interaction. But AI is much more than that: It changes our working world, be it in the medical industry, in agriculture or in marketing. In the future, AI solutions will take on tasks here that are difficult, dangerous or impossible to manage because of the immense amount of data – intelligent machines work quickly and at low costs in such areas. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

This creates new economic sectors: statista currently expects an increase in sales from around $ 4.8 billion to around six-fold in 2025. In Germany alone, € 1.23 billion was invested in 275 AI startups in 2019 . KI stronghold is Berlin, followed by Munich and Hamburg. However, according to a survey by PriceWaterhouseCooper, only six percent of German companies use AI-based processes. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

So regardless of whether you have your own ideas about AI as a business or are interested in AI services: It is a growth market with great potential. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

Artificial intelligence and the Internet – Google, Apple and Samsung are at the forefront
The major Internet players and device manufacturers such as Google, Apple and Samsung have of course long recognized the great opportunities. They are at the forefront of the topic of artificial intelligence.

The Samsung Group announced in 2018 that it would invest 138 billion euros in future technologies over the next three years. In addition to investments in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and 5G mobile technology are also to be promoted in general . In addition, the South Koreans recently opened their internal start-up incubator program C-Lab to external projects: innovations should remain or take place in-house. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

Google, in turn, is one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence, after all, the intelligent preparation and use of data is anchored in the DNA of the internet giant. Better search results, optimal navigation with Google Maps or smart home control via Google Home voice command: Google is at the forefront in the AI ​​area. The Google parent company Alphabet drives innovations through its own business areas such as X (formerly Google X). X is the Alphabet Group’s innovation laboratory, which worked on, among other things, autonomous driving . Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

Apple also sees AI as a huge market: the beginnings of Siri voice control have become a full-fledged digital assistant that uses artificial intelligence – among other things in speech recognition. Apple is also working on its own AI hardware in the form of a chip. This technology called “Apple Neural Engine” is said to further improve voice and face recognition. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

Interestingly, the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia is also benefiting greatly from the AI ​​boom: the company’s share has more than doubled since July 2019. One of the reasons for this is that, for example, IBM and Facebook use the Nvidia hardware for complex calculations. The graphics chips also provide valuable services in medical technology and AI art .

Of course, the world’s largest Internet company Amazon also uses AI processes. With “Alexa” voice commands, many consumers control their smart home devices, have the weather forecast communicated or place orders. Behind the scenes, Amazon benefits from optimized logistics processes, order forecasts and efficient supply chains. Much of the development work is done in-house. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

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Hardly any data can be collected without the Internet of Things
A functioning Internet of Things (IoT) is necessary to equip machines, sensors and other areas with something like intelligence. IoT has come a long way in a short amount of time with people developing a networking switch, RFID tags, IPv6, etc. in order to allow technology to continue to develop. Networking makes the devices intelligent on the one hand, and also enables other data to be collected on the other. The US company Zebra Technologies is very active here. They develop and sell, for example, barcode scanners, RFID readers and coupon or ticket printers. Products, services and processes are traceable down to the last detail, which is an essential basis for intelligent optimization. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

So that data security and data protection can also be guaranteed for the IoT, companies like CrowdStrike are constantly working on AI-based detection methods to detect malware . It is partly an AI-supported further development of the heuristic mechanisms that have been used to date, as are used in common virus scanners. The evaluation and detection must be “smart” and efficient. In this way, possible threats are identified as quickly as possible, compared with known cases and suitable solutions are initiated.

From big data to smart data – no intelligent decisions without targeted analysis
In order to evaluate the large amounts of data in the area of ​​artificial intelligence, powerful hardware such as the floating point processors of modern graphics cards and a lot of storage space are required. The underlying algorithms must also be continually optimized in order to be able to derive logical and sensible decisions from the “pool of data”. We have already dealt with this under the keyword smart data process .

IBM is involved in such data analysis as part of its Watson project , and the US company Splunk is also particularly concerned with such evaluations. For example, they evaluate transaction data, network activities or the online click behavior of customers. Among others, Deutsche Bahn and Bosch are already using the services of Splunk, which has roughly quadrupled the share value within four years. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

AI in customer communication – automated CRM, advertisements and call center
Do you know Salesforce or are you already using the Customer Relationship Management software? In addition to a host of customer support tools, the company has developed an AI-based support solution with “Einstein”. “Einstein” offers intelligent order forecasts, recommendations and new automation processes.

The online advertising industry has also been using AI-based evaluation and optimization processes for a long time. In addition to Google, “The Trade Desk” (USA) also relies on AI-based optimization of advertisements. Trade Desk customers receive automated tools that target ads where the return on investment is potentially greatest.

Twilio is one of the companies involved in the optimization of call center solutions. The team around the founder Jeff Lawson quickly made the company the largest player in the field of customer communication. The long-term goal is to completely replace the call center principle with AI-supported cloud services, in which a person only has to intervene in an “emergency”. Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020

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The startup market is also booming
It is not just established players that are bustling in the AI ​​industry and come up with intelligent solutions. As usual in growth markets, a lot of start-ups come onto the stage with new ideas, innovative products or services. We only recently reported on IoT startups , and in the AI ​​area too, there are almost 300 young entrepreneurs in Germany alone who want to revolutionize the industry. As an example, we would like to name a few:

One of the best known startups at the moment is Deep L (for “Deep Learning”): The founders are committed to the subject of translations and provide free text translations based on artificial intelligence.

  • The startup Twenty Billion Neurons wants to train the digital avatar “Millie” to the extent that it is able to offer intelligent solutions to people in certain problem areas.
  • This can be a car purchase, but also the question of the way to the nearest supermarket. E-Bot 7 takes a similar approach . Among other things, the company is involved in optimizing chatbots.
  • The company Fraugster deals with the prevention of credit card abuse. From the data that is available, Fraugster creates a kind of “story” that helps to assess the credibility of a customer in a payment transaction.
  • The founders of Enway are active in the area of ​​the Smart City . You have developed an autonomous sweeper that is able to drive through a certain area with the help of a 3D map without GPS support and to collect up to 120 liters of garbage there. An exciting approach also for trade fair and concert halls.

You can find an overview of registered German AI startups on the “Platform Learning Systems” , which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, among others.

The top companies in the field of artificial intelligence
Various large and small players are involved in the growing billion-dollar artificial intelligence market. The most important representatives and their current focus activities at a glance:

  • Google: Almost every offer: including maps, ads, weather forecasts, autonomous driving
  • Apple: “Apple Neural Engine” to improve Siri
  • Samsung: 5G technology, device hardware, autonomous driving
  • Nvidia: Powerful GPU hardware for data analysis
  • Amazon: Optimization of logistics processes and order forecasts
  • Zebra Technologies: barcode scanners, RFID readers and ticket printers
  • CrowdStrike: AI-based malware detection
  • IBM: Big data evaluations with IBM Watson and hosting
  • Splunk: Big data evaluations for customer insights
  • Salesforce: AI-based order predictions and recommendations
  • The Trade Desk: AI-optimized advertising placement
  • Twilio: call center automation

Which player do you currently see the greatest potential in the field of artificial intelligence? Do AI-based processes already play a role in your company? We look forward to your comment.

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Artificial intelligence these are the leading companies in 2020
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