Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 Hands-on Always-On Display is Great

Apple Watch Series 5 Hands-on Always-On Display is Great


iPhone 11,  the Apple Watch Series 5 was released with the iPhone 11 Pro Series. While Apple reaps Watch Series 4 has its own successful year Series 5 will skip difficult to find relevant information, enough to rumors that the launch of the new material applied to Apple’s Watch.

One app has been launched under the name Watch Series 5 rumors It has been added as new material. So did Apple Watch Series 5 changed some things? Through a comparison with Apple Watch Series 4, let’s look at the differences and new features.


From the first to the Apple Watch Series 3 while maintaining the same design and features have been added to only the AP. To maintain such a long time design change in the last year Apple Watch Series 4, it even changed the facelift was level, rather than a complete change.

Apparently, the other part is just called “SERIES 5” lettering on the back, never change that because there is not enough where you can see the screen is off, place the two devices can not distinguish between the three-view wear. Of course, similar to a long, even from the first Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 5


Design, maintenance can already because they came to look tired on the iPhone. But the iPhone is upgraded every year I’d AP performance, develop a noticeable every time Apple Watch Series 5 is just the name has changed but the performance is the same.

The name of the processor is changed to Apple S5, which is information including an upgrade to the 32GB capacity and a compass rose with the exception of the CPU and GPU. Other battery structure changed slightly, you can see because of the new features that improve battery efficiency for this purpose.

Apple Watch Series 5

There is one feature of the Apple device.
create new groups and less wear with the last feature to give it a new name attached to FORMA look as if they were packing the function adds great features, often AOD. Called Always On Display Screen was a regular feature on the biggest upgrade of the Apple Watch Series 5 points named Always-On Retina Display.



Apple Watch Series 5


Existing Apple Watch when not in use, the screen turns off, but all I see is black. And when you see the clock will automatically recognize the orientation, the screen turns on. The screen stays on when not in use, future Apple Watch Series 5.

Always On Retina Display is the form that applies to all watch faces. Watch faces to change a little dark figure varies from place to set watch face. It follows several watch faces Settings made AOD does not have a fixed screen like Samsung or LG smartphone looks okay.


Apple Watch Series 5


AOD in the state, there are people who are concerned about the exposure of sensitive information. Check the settings by placing the sensitive complication hide from AOD conditions contained in the privacy complications that will automatically go into.

Expansion and upgrading touches point, but are better than no compass is mounted. And also find a separate app, available for Apple Maps, etc. can more accurately know where to go from here.

Apple Watch Edition Titanium, Black Titanium space

Apple Watch Edition is back again. Watch the Apple I stashed a trace after that first introduced. When Apple Watch Edition which was sold. As many as twenty million won more than the price in the name of Apple Watch Edition, it is back at Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Edition is a series of 5 ceramic and titanium. The good news is that the price is back I’m here only place name. 

Apple If you watch a series of 3 or less planned in the Apple Watch upgrade is in use. Apple Watch Series 5 Anyone with an unconditional. But you need to purchase the product. Apple Watch Series 4, one may say the same reason that every year replaced by a new iPhone The more I think.


Apple Watch Series 5


In the same CPU and GPU, and design, yet one indigo. It right AOD makes you think at least once. If you look at the state that the screen is on. The AOD is applied by the animation and watch face from the AOD. States think the heart only backed. A little cold another will be noticed immediately the spirit. So this Apple Watch Series 5 points not much point. In ever-changing supply and concern is foreboding likely to continue for the time being this phenomenon.


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Apple Watch Series 5 Hands-on Always-On Display is Great
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