The suspicious package left at the Apple store surprised!

The suspicious package left at the Apple store surprised!

An Apple store in the state of Oregon , USA, caused the police to mobilize because of the suspect package. After the suspect package was seen, Bridgeport Village shopping complex was closed and bomb disposal teams were sent to the region .

Apple store is on the agenda with suspicious package!

The suspicious package left at the Apple store surprised!

While there was a note saying ” Timmy, close the back door ” on the package, it was observed that there was an apple in the bomb investigation team. When it was seen that the package had no risks, the shopping mall was reopened.

Sure, the Apple Store remained closed. The reason for this is the corona virus outbreak, as we can all guess . While Apple has started opening its stores in certain regions, we would like to point out that stores outside of China are not fully operational.

So far, 148 of the 510 Apple Stores worldwide have been opened. While there is no explanation for the stores in our country, the fire of people is measured at the entrance of the open stores. In addition, a limited number of people are taken to stores.

There is a reaction across the country to the death of the police due to police violence during the detention of Black George in Minneapolis, USA . This package is also thought to be dropped by protesters. In the meantime, it should be noted that the images taken while Floyd was subjected to violence by the police continue to be on the agenda of social media.

The expression “back door” means backdoor, in other words, devices / users. The person who left the package may have also aimed at giving such a message.

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The suspicious package left at the Apple store surprised!
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