Apex Legends Producer Calls “ass-hats” and “dicks” Players in Reddit

Apex Legends Producer Calls “ass-hats” and “dicks” Players in Reddit

APICS elections developers are under fire on social media for responding to fans on Reddit calling gamers freeloaders and some other names as well. what is going on ladies and gentlemen monkey flop here in today I wanted to cover this news in this controversy over apex legends now a couple of days ago.

We talked about two microtransactions issues that have been going on since then they have actually fixed. It and they officially announced an apology and all of that good stuff but to game. Developers actually went on to Reddit and said some things that have made a lot of the gaming community upset.

If you guys have seen any comments on Twitter Reddit social media in general about apex legends and it is negative. It’s probably spawned from the comments that were left by these guys.

I’m going to include different gameplay than apex license because I honestly don’t really play apex legends. So let’s go ahead and get right into it responding to the overwhelming criticism to an official apology and step back from the game’s recent controversy microtransactions change in the iron crown events to respawn developers.

DK 0-5 at respawn Project Lead and J fresh underscore respawn the respawn community manager fired back with insults and sarcasm in comments on Reddit attacking the gaming community. Now here’s something that the game developers dk0 v on Reddit said hey everyone found that dick.

I forget a bunch of long-lasting relationships from back then would be awesome to get back there and not engaging with the toxic people or asking how high.

When a mob screams jump is hopefully a start there’s a wealth of data available on how monetization works in free-to-play games and we ourselves have run test by putting skins on sale in the store the number of people.

Who spend is crazy low most of y’all are freeloaders and we love that and a change in price doesn’t move the needle right now we have respawned community manager Jay fresh underscore respawn on Reddit firing back at a Reddit user the ready user said.

When I was reading wheels didn’t buy enough apex packs to make up for everyone else not buying so we have to do something to get it to pretend goodwill for players Jay fresh actually responded back to that commenter you should work on your reading comprehension.

Jay fresh underscore respawns the community manager fired back at another commenter so it’s fine for you all to call us liars full of sh t and other personal attacks. when communicating an apology and update the event but we’re immature when we call people out on it get it and then we have d k05 responding back to another Reddit commoner.

Who the read an accommodator, by the way, said yeah but he called someone 8d I see Kitty not you in particular and then D k05 actually responded back with I think technically I was calling gamers dicks I don’t know I had a spicy lunch feeling it alright so we heard.
What they had to say on Reddit their comments and Wow I just got to say wow I’d love to know your guys thoughts and opinions about that in the comment section below I know that game developers get a lot of backlashes.

when it comes to a lot of different things but in my personal opinion, it’s really important to stay professional you know when you go on somebody’s Twitter profile and you see that they work for a company and they say my opinions don’t represent my employers.

you know take that really light-hearted lease people can have like you know breakdowns especially with the overwhelming amount of you know backlash that they get from the microtransactions but does that really give them an excuse to fire back at gamers calling them freeloaders calling them all of those names that you guys heard let me know in those comments down below you know are you guys still playing apex legends.

apex legends

 I know some people have already told me you know what monkey flock has you heard what apex legends developer said I’m completely done with the game other people are like you know what that’s just to game developers that’s not in any way shape or form representing respawn and entertaining.

apex legends

Apex legends at all so I mean there’s definitely split in the community but there’s definitely an outrage especially with them calling you to know gamers freeloaders and all of the other names.  

Apex Legends Producer Calls “ass-hats” and “dicks” Players in Reddit
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