AORUS CV27F 27″ 165Hz 1080P 1500R FreeSync Gaming Monitor

AORUS CV27F 27″ 165Hz 1080P 1500R FreeSync Gaming Monitor



When choosing a monitor, most of the new people in the gaming industry

Price tag. Experienced players instantly check the matrix type, refresh rate and response time. Taiwanese computer manufacturer Gigabyte has released a great version of the AORUS CV27Q game monitor with frequency 165Hz, resolution QHD or 1440p, and it’s also beautiful.

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More importantly in the game


What do the figures of frequency 165 hertz and time mean 1-millisecond response?  While the scene changes quickly, there is an immediate response to the quality of the photos and game events in battle. If you can solve or modify the first parameter by replacing the graphics accelerator with a more efficient one, then if the monitor is unable to display it regardless of the number of frames the video accelerator generates, then the second parameter resolves like this. You can not. Conventional monitors have a frequency of 60 Hz, which is not enough in a fast shooter with a few seconds after the explosion for explosion and aiming and reaction. There is an advantage for players who display many frames per second in the game. Because at the moment many events can occur in the game and everything has to see and react.

This parameter is increasing on a relatively constant basis, recently it was cool to use a monitor of 90 hertz, then 120, 144, 165 hertz. And there are also the finest products that give 300 hertz. The response parameter is very important because it directly affects the smoothness of the dynamic scene. After the game moves fast and a loop appears with a large response outcome, the matrix simply responds and doesn’t have time to switch pixels. It is very difficult to aim at him if you leave a sharp zigzag when your opponent moves fast.


Under normal operating conditions, this small delay in the game has a big impact on the overall gameplay. AORUS CV27Q also received great parameters from professional cyber sportsmen. At the same time, the monitor produces 165 Hz at QHD or 1440p resolution. Now, when your computer appears at home, you can generate a lot of fps in 1440p heavy games.

Fashion curvature


The monitor panel is concave and the curvature is 1500R In fact, the curvature at 27 inches does not show a big advantage, but more than 34 pluses are already noticeable. But the point here is the specificity of vision.

Gamers look at the monitor with their eyes and the distance between them is 10 centimeters and how wide is it? That is, the edges of the monitor become a kind of blind spot, in order to fix it, this edge is bent, which reduces the distance to the eyes. At the edge of the game card, you can easily see what’s going on with your surrounding vision. The viewing angle * VA matrix is ​​excellent, but still, the edges of the frame are slightly blurred, so this concave solves this problem.



The body assembly is almost perfect and does not creak; clearance, repulsion. The stand also looks solid and bulky, but it holds the table well. No driver is needed to assemble the monitor, everything is installed in seconds and disassembles quickly.

In general, gaming solutions are overly aggressive in design, all kinds of bright inserts, a lot of backlighting, often inadequacy, but here the pictures are different, so manufacturers have a sense of proportion. Of course, there is a backlight (color), but it is installed on the back, has a low intensity, and can only be seen in dark places. The front panel is a more restrained design, so players will not be disturbed in gameplay.


The connector has two second HDMI ports: generation, display port, two USB, mini-jack and microphone port. Unfortunately, USB-C was not provided. Set using the small joystick to the right of the bottom edge. The menu is rich, the settings are flexible, but you have to get used to it a bit, and the interface intuitively does not fight over the title.

In general, the monitor itself was optimally displayed, if you choose an active gamer, the shooting game included in the sport, it will look great and the curvature will allow you to fully enjoy the graphics of the game even on the back of the map.

AORUS CV27F 27″ 165Hz 1080P 1500R FreeSync Gaming Monitor
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