Android Q gestures upgrade: similar to Apple 3D Touch feature called “deep press”

3D Touch is a feature that makes some Android users’ eyes red. This function is performed by pressing the screen and interacting with Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Now Android Q (Android 10.0) may also be equipped with similar features!

Android Q gestures

Foreign media sources said that according to the related documents of Android Q, Android Q will upgrade the gesture function similar to Apple 3D Touch. Google added a long press gesture on Android 8.0, which was also retained on Android 9 Pie.

Android Q gestures

The specific exposure is the MotionEvents document. The document shows that when the user presses hard, the touch action on the touch screen is classified as a “deep press” screen, which accelerates the response of the long press action. Simply put, “deep press” and a long press will show the same information, but the former will be faster. The principle of implementing this function is still unclear. There is speculation that with the help of algorithms, there is some kind of hardware support for guessing.

The specific principle of this feature may be informed to the public during the Google I / O period from May 7 to May 9. Let’s look forward to it.

Android Q gestures upgrade: Support the 3D touch function called “3D touch”
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