Android 11 Final Beta released; last stage!

With the Android 11 Final Beta version released today, the last step of a process has been reached. The final beta version of Google’s new operating system has been released for Pixel 2 , 3, 3a and 4. This version will be the last version before the stable Android version. With the post published on Android’s official developer blog, it was given the good news that the stable version is imminent.

Android 11 Final Beta released! Here are the innovations
Beta versions are released for developers to quickly integrate applications and games into the new environment . Therefore, the incoming innovations target developers , not users . System stability was settled with Beta 2, and innovations in interface designs were stabilized with Beta 3.

Android 11 Final Beta released; last stage!

The most striking innovation; that applications will be able to use a new method for locating. In Android versions up to now, when an application wanted to know our location, the GPS feature of the device had to be turned on. This will no longer be necessary, apps will only be able to turn on GPS for themselves. In this way, both privacy and battery saving will be at the top level.

Other innovations consist of some optimization work done in order for developers to develop their applications more easily. The feature that excites us of the new beta version released is that it is the latest beta version. After the Android 11 Beta, we will finally meet the stable version.

To get the new version, you must install the appropriate update file for your Pixel device via Android Flash Tool. If you are an application developer, you should update your code editor to keep up with innovations.

Are you excited for Android 11? When do you think the stable version will be released?

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Android 11 Final Beta released; last stage!
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