AMD Big Navi features leaked!

AMD Big Navi features leaked!

Many companies had trouble developing technology because of the Corona virus. AMD Big Navi features leaked. As a result of the leaked information, it can be clearly seen that the competition with NVIDIA will get even more heated.

AMD Big Navi features leaked
Some leaks have appeared regarding the Navi 23, Navi 10 Refresh and Navi 21 models that are expected to be released. Navi 21, which will have 5,120 cores, is called Big Navi.

According to rumors, 80-CU RDNA2 will not have a similar price and performance scale with the 5700 XT model if there is no problem . Navi 21, which is 502 mm square, will come in four different variations: XTX, XT, XL and XE .

AMD Big Navi features leaked!

Considering the commercial relationship with Apple, it is among the claims that Apple-specific versions will also be produced. In addition, with Navi 10 Refresh , AMD wants to offer users a cheaper and higher performance graphics processor, and is preparing to take it to a new level in its competition with NVIDIA.

It is not yet clear how much power the expected models will arrive and what type of performance they will perform. Both companies are expected to introduce their new models after September.

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AMD Big Navi features leaked!
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