All Fortnite Skins list with names

Welcome back friends to Top 10 Gaming. I’m your host Johnny Rogers, gamer by day, comedian by night and we’ve got some sweet Fortnite news for you! Some of these skins may be available at the time this video is released and some are still rumored. Either way, strap in because we’re about to unveil the Top 10 Fortnite Leaked Skins


#10 Hay Man

Fortnite Skins

Not only will we have the ability to hide like a scarecrow with the matching T-Pose emote but gamers can also look forward to having a female version of the Hay man known as straw ops. They both look cool too and are definitely inspired by the month of October. My favorite is the descriptions for these new skins with Straw Ops being – The harvest grows near and Hay mans saying – Scare those Crows. I wonder if this will make hiding in a bail of hay easier. Like a shapeshifter or hay-shifter if you will.


#9 Bullseye

Fortnite Skins

Meet the girl who never misses. This new skin has a very cool fighter pilot feel with a bullseye on her shirt so your enemies know you mean business is uncommon as of now. The skin is set to cost 800 V-Bucks and will be available in the shop.

#8 Ghoul

Fortnite Skins

Trooper This rare skin is going to be keeping up with a community favorite Skull Trooper. Ghoul is very similar in looks with her zombie skin that comes from an earlier Fortnite skin design. If we see Ghoul Trooper back in the store for purchase we can expect Epic Games to do what they’ve always done and added a male counterpart. Plus accessories like a glider, pickaxe and hopefully a challenge system. With zombies being a popular franchise I would love to see some variations with this skin that play with that category, maybe visible intestines or something along those lines.


#7 Frostbite

Fortnite Skins

Aka me every time I leave the house without gloves. Canada is cold guys.

This skin looks like he’s ready to take on Mount Everest. The Deep Freeze bundle pack will be available to Fortnite users on November 13th and it should retail for 29.99. As with all of these skins, it won’t just be the sweet new clothes you’ll be getting in this bundle pack.

#6 Skull Squad

Fortnite Skins

Bringing back a classic. Fans got excited about this original skin when Epic teased it in their season 6 trailer release seen here As I mentioned its similarities to the Ghoul Tropper also set to be released. I have great news, we can also expect the fan-favorite of the Skull Trooper skin to make a comeback along with his female counterpart the Skull Ranger. Both of their rarity is set to epic and we couldn’t agree more. These rebirthed skins are epic indeed and are a proper fit for the Halloween season with the ability for the skin to be glow in the dark where the bones are outlined. Plus they’ll be rocking a skull sickle, ghost portal, and crypt cruiser.


#5 Jack Gourdon

Fortnite Skins


Although the back bling advertised by their leaks is actually meant for another leaked skin this one still looks terrific without. The half-lidded eyes carved into the pumpkin head add a nice touch of indifference to taking out enemies. They add nicely to the description line for this skin which is – squash the competition. He almost looks like a great Batman villain. With his black and orange pumpkin suit to match this skin is one to look forward to.


#4 Grim Medicine

Fortnite Skins

The name and this skin are inspired by the famous black death that occurred throughout Europe in the 14th century and the skin resembles that of a fake doctor from that time. These doctors would actually give out fake medicine and the cool all-black look feels like a nod to the Assassins Creed doctors for this skin and both dawn plague masks that were used to store fragrant herbs said to ward off the black plague at the time. The Plague skin even has what appears to be medicine vials attached to his belt. Their description is even set to – seeking the cure. The pair will also come with accessories including an arcanum, dismal cape for back bling, a heralds wand and a lamplight.


#3 Onesie

Fortnite Skins

This is another new leaked skin brought to you by FNBR Leaks on Twitter and it looks like if the hamburger had their own line of pajamas. This onesie skin has a burger looking head with two googly eyes on top, fit with a burger and fries themed jumpsuit. The shoes are also quite hilarious and look like a burger with a tongue sticking out. This outfit is labeled as rare with the description being – smash that snooze button. Hopefully this never before seen skin will be coming to us soon.


#2 Spider Knight

Fortnite Skins

This is the new Black Knight V2 skin and the skin is an ode to the creepy crawlers most associated with the Halloween season – spiders. Dawning a sleek black knight helmet with spider eyes on top this skin is currently labeled as legendary.


#1 Hollowhead

Fortnite Skins

All tricks, no treat.

This new skin is definitely a treat for fortnite players. It looks incredible too with the jack-o-lantern head and glowing green eyes he looks ready for battle. Its current price is 1500 V-Bucks and its rarity is epic. He looks part mercenary, part scarecrow mixed with a radioactive pumpkin head. Big heads in the game aren’t usually the best because it makes it easier to get hit, but we think this one will be a fan favorite for sure. And that has been the Top 10 Fortnite Leaked Skins. Allegedly we will be seeing these skins come into full swing for Season 6 and most may already be available!

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All Fortnite Skins list with names
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