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Description about 6G technology from Xiaomi

Description about 6G technology from Xiaomi

Although there is a debate about 5G technology due to the corona virus, new technologies continue to be a part of our lives. While 5G was not fully adapted to our life, Xiaomi made a statement about 6G technology.

Xiaomi is on the agenda with the description of 6G technology

With the spread of 5G technology, the eyes were turned to the next technology. Especially important for IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies , 5G technology will enable our devices to perform more operations than its capacity thanks to its low latency.

Description about 6G technology from Xiaomi

Xiaomi launched the Redmi 10X , the 5G model with a low price tag . Recently, CEO Lei Jun announced to the Chinese Xinhua News agency that they have begun research on 6G technology .

Jun said, “We are melting 4G stocks to open up to 5G technology. However, we do not yet know if this will enable new technology to progress. ” In addition, Jun announced that it has started satellite internet studies for its users in rural areas with the slogan of internet for everyone.

Xiaomi, which has many internet-based services in China, plans to increase internet access in order to appeal to more users. Also in European countries , the company, which shows itself with Xiaomi Mi Note 10 , Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro models, is on the way to be among the most preferred companies worldwide.

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Description about 6G technology from Xiaomi
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