5 Best Apps to Track a Child’s Phone Activity 

5 Best Apps to Track a Child’s Phone Activity

“How can I track my child’s phone?” If you’ve been asking yourself this question, we have your back covered. With child safety on everyone’s minds, there have been many excellent apps that can get the job done and ensure your child’s safety. So whether you want to track child’s iPhone or Android, you’ve come to the right place.


Track a Child's


Reasons to Track Your Child’s Phone

  • If they go missing, tracking their phone can help you find them. With a missing child, time is of the essence, with the first 24 hours being the most crucial time. Whether the kid was kidnapped or the child ran away from home, a tracker can help.
  • You want to ensure that they are not on any inappropriate websites or getting into any inappropriate content.
  • You want to see who your child is talking to, as some people can be suspicious and hurt your child, even in the online world.
  • A phone tracker can help you gather evidence if you suspect your child is involved in illegal activity.

There are several reasons a person may use a phone tracking app. Now, let’s look at how these apps work.

How Do Phone Tracking Apps Work?

When you want to track your child’s iPhone, you install a tracking app on it, either manually or through a cloud service, without having access to it. A phone app to track your child works by embedding itself in the background, invisible to the user.

In the background, it controls the person who installed the app, allowing them to change or restrict settings, view activities, and view screenshots in real time. Usually, this is done through a dashboard.

Back in the day, a phone tracking app would need to be on a rooted or jailbroken phone or a hacked phone that removes any restrictions. However, an app to track child’s phone nowadays does not require jailbreak. While some advanced features may require it, you can usually get away with using a standard phone.

These apps also work regardless of carrier, so it is possible to use them on Verizon, AT&T, or another phone.

Top 5 Best Phone Apps to Track Your Child

What is the best phone app to track your child? We’ve done our research and found five apps that are worth checking out. If you want a quick guide on what apps to choose, you’ve come to the right place. So let’s examine their features and whether they’re worth the investment.

Hoverwatch: Track Child Phone Easily

If you want to track child’s iPhone or Android, Hoverwatch is one of the best apps for the job. It’s specifically marketed towards parents who wish to keep their kids safe, boasting several essential tracking app features. For example, it has call log and message tracking, GPS monitoring, keylogging, and screenshot capturing. In other words, you may keep your child safe regardless of their situation.


Track a Child's


Hoverwatch uses a subscription-based service, so check it out and see if it’s the right fit for you to track child’s iPhone. They also have excellent customer service if you have any questions.

FamiSafe: The Definitive Parental Control App for iPhone and Android

Your phone can set parental controls, but many parents find that these controls lack customization. With FamiSafe, you cannot only track child’s iPhone and Android without them knowing but also customize it. For example, censor inappropriate pictures, control what they watch on YouTube, and set screen time.


Track a Child's

In addition, through their cell phone, you may decide what your child does and does not see. This way, you don’t have your child discover the horrors of the Internet at an early age.

iKeyMonitor: A Powerful iPhone Monitoring App for Free

Many apps on this list require a paid subscription. While you get what you pay for, it can be problematic if you want to know how to track a child’s iPhone when you have a small budget. This app is for those parents who want something for free.


Track a Child's

The appeal of iKeyMonitor is that it offers a powerful program to track a child and comes with a free plan to track your child’s phone. While the plan only has basic features, it may be all a parent needs to track child with cell phone.

Qustodio: Track a Child’s Location and Build Healthy Digital Habits

If you want to know your child’s phone location, Qustodio is a powerful tool that lets you see their last location accurately. But besides letting you track someone’s phone, this app enables you to build healthy digital habits. For example, control your child’s time on their phone.

Track a Child's

With more people being concerned with how long their children spend on their phones, this is a win. Besides, this is an excellent app if you want to track texts and other things on a child’s phone without access.

pcTattletale: Track a Child’s Text Messages on Android and More

This app is aimed at children (one can track a child’s text messages and other activities) and employees, making it suitable if you are a business owner with kids. With pcTattletale, you may track a PC or Windows phone and a phone with Android and figure out if your kids are doing something inappropriate.


Track a Child's

It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. With so many apps not having that, it gives you peace of mind when investing money in a working app. Overall, pcTattletale is worthy enough to be in the top 5. In this case, being a tattletale is a good thing.


Several apps work great if you want to track your child’s Android phone or iOS gadget. With many parents concerned about raising their children in an all-digital world, these apps promote healthy viewing time, robust content moderation, and the ability to change the settings as your child grows. We recommend you check out any of the apps on this list if need be to track your child’s iPhone. Good luck.


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