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American Civil War: hit whites until they turn black

About two weeks ago, riots broke out in most US states. And this is the incubation period of the new coronavirus. So, along with the chaos throughout the country, against the background of the pogroms, the USA received the second wave of the epidemic. The situation in the United States is being monitored by MIR 24 correspondent Roman Nikiforov American Civil War.

Crowd vs. Andrew Jackson. The monument to the seventh president of the United States in Washington is trying to overturn the ropes . But despite his venerable age – more than one and a half centuries – the horseman holds fast in the saddle. Jackson is one of the founders of the Democratic Party. The one that seems to support the protests. But he had slaves and deported the Indians American Civil War.

Everything happens next to the White House in Lafayette Square. So the police are forced to intervene: protects Jackson with pepper spray. Protesters launch the weapons of the “American proletariat” – bicycles and folding chairs.

American Civil War: hit whites until they turn black

“We must reboot the system, reboot! This is a civil war! ” Shouts the protester John Coy.

The name “White House” itself today sounds politically incorrect. And on the contrary appears the “Autonomous zone of the Black House”. Another small pseudo-state. Like what they tried to organize in Seattle earlier this month.

“Right behind me, you see, these concrete barricades are standing. They are not so light, they will not be lifted by five, 10, or 15 people, they need special equipment. They barricaded a whole block, a block, ”said journalist Makhnos Dzhonmahmadova.

The journalist is from Tajikistan. He has been living in Washington for ten years. But the city has not yet seen such.

“You never know how the situation will turn out, what will happen in the evening. In the afternoon, everything goes more or less peacefully. They arrange various programs, bring various equipment, sing, and perform. Police cars cannot drive here. However, as soon as I walked to the beginning of this block, right closer to the White House, there are several policemen here, they just stand peacefully doing nothing, ”said Makhnos Dzhonmakhmadova.

Makhnos meets in the quarter and Russian-speaking. They also protest peacefully, but against pogroms.

“This is an interesting point. Most of those that break down are protesting, they are not black, but white, ”said Washington resident Tom.

“I do not believe that it just happened. It was a setup. We come here to pray that there will be peace in this place, ”Victor resident of Washington added American Civil War.

Here, recently, the president himself prayed. In this historic church. It has already been put in order after the protesters decorated it. Or rather, they defiled.

“There will never be an“ autonomous zone ”in Washington, DC, while I am your president. If they try, they will be met with serious force! ” – said US President Donald Trump.

This message Trump Twitter marks as offensive, but does not remove the incriminating evidence. The congress also supports the street, where the Democrats have the majority. Votes on the 51st State status for the District of Columbia. This is also the patrimony of the Democrats, but the Senate must approve the decision, there are already more Republicans here, and the president himself must sign it.

“So that we have two more senators – a democrat and five congressmen?” No thanks. This will never happen! ” – says Trump.

And so ends the story of the first “autonomous zone” in Seattle. The revolution is over, the rebels go home. Protesters manage to survive without cops only a few days. Then shooting, victims. The crowd does not allow the police to the wounded, and now he complains: “They shot me in the free zone on Friday. The police essentially left me dying. I need help, I need a reaction to what is happening! ”

“Many peaceful demonstrators are being harmed, so it’s sad that this is happening in America,” rapper Raz Simon said.

More recently, rapper Raz Simon declared himself a protest leader in Seattle. And he even gave out weapons for armed struggle to teenagers, and today he makes round eyes: “This is not a free zone. This is another media notion. I don’t know where they saw such a sign. ”

But the fun continues in New York: street gangs fire at each other with military pyrotechnics. Firecrackers are thrown to the elderly homeless for fun. The police are not visible. Use of force by law enforcement officers is dangerous. Another scandal in New York: the cop uses a choke technique during detention. Colleagues stop him, but late: the officer has already been removed and arrested.

And this is how they buried Reishard Brooks – a dark-skinned man who was shot dead by a policeman in the midst of protests. Like George Floyd’s golden coffin, broadcast throughout the country, soulful speech.

“He radiated such a bright light. Despite the cowardly act that claimed his life, his light will never be dim, ”said Reichard Brooks’ friend Amber Mikolazhchuk American Civil War.

Now, two of those who died while detaining criminals are almost saints. But to the image of Jesus, activists of the Black Lives are Important movement have questions. “I think that the statues of the white European, whom they call Jesus, should also fall. They are a form of white superiority, ”said writer Sean King.

The American currency is also at risk. On dollars not a single black. Why not change the design? On a one-dollar bill, George Washington – his monument has already been demolished in Portland. Two dollars – Thomas Jefferson. Also branded and defeated. Five dollars – Abraham Lincoln – a symbol of liberation from slavery. Former Washington slaves raised money for his statue in Washington. But he looks down upon the blacks somehow.

“This monument represents the advantage of whites and the lack of rights of black people imposed on us by whites,” said activist Glenn Foster.

$ 20 – the same Andrew Jackson, who is attacked in Washington. $ 50 – General Northerners and President Ulysses Grant. Overthrown in San Francisco. Only a dozen with Hamilton and a hundred with Franklin are free from racial prejudice. However, one of the rebels is not going to seriously refuse money. This is part of a protest culture. Every self-respecting rapper is simply obliged to weigh himself with gold and litter with money, at least in the frame.

The historical logic of the protesters is unpredictable. The inscription “Scumbag” on the monument to Miguel de Cervantes in San Francisco, although he only wrote novels and did not colonize anyone. There are no complaints against Theodore Roosevelt, but he inadvertently mounted his horse. The African and the Indian did not get the horses. For this monument is blacklisted.

“This is ridiculous. Do not do it! ”, The American leader wrote. Trump signs a tough anti-vandal law.

“We will have a very serious law that says about 10 years in prison. This is 10 years! It’s a lot of fun in one night, ”Trump said.

“The Maidan of the American spill American Civil War. Here comes some kind of poker game. Trump believes that chaos will benefit him, because the majority chooses law and order. And the Democrats believe that this will lead to the collapse of the economy, as Trump’s main argument, ”said Edward Lozansky, president of the American University in Moscow.

So far, Trump looks pale. Even the election campaign did not work out. Promises his supporters a super-powerful performance in Oklahoma. But opponents use a secret weapon – “Macarena.” Teens launch a flash mob in the Tik-Tok application: they book free tickets for Trump’s performance with songs and dances. And then they don’t come. The result is a half-empty room American Civil War.

“We had no goal, so that none of the people went there. But the real numbers were so different from those officially announced! So it was a success, ”said flash mob member Sophie Holtfuk.

Battle with monuments and election moves. They talk a lot about the problem of racial inequality, but they don’t discuss how to change the system seriously. Only reparations are offered – direct payments to blacks for the humiliation of their distant ancestors.

“The worst thing is that they themselves do not ask questions: what should I personally do to live better? That is, they ask the state. They have no motive for retraining, getting an education, retraining, ”said Valery Garbuzov, director of the US and Canada Institute.

Tracing paper from American protests has long been in Europe. From the fresh: in France, the gendarmes continue to disarm. Handcuffs were thrown out last week to protest restrictions on their work. Now they are demonstratively getting rid of batons: a law enforcement officer used special equipment, and a criminal case was brought against him right away American Civil War.

But still, the main news today is from America. The war with history has new victims – not bronze, but real. After the mass actions – an outbreak of a pandemic. 45 thousand patients with coronavirus per day. This is an absolute record. A revolution requires sacrifice American Civil War.

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American Civil War: hit whites until they turn black
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