2020 iPhone 12 will disappear and hide, using a 6.7 full screen?


2020 iphone
The 2019 iPhone new machine has just been released, and there is news that the 2020 iPhone will have a 6.7-inch full-screen display.


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The tech media “MacRumors” reported that Ben Geskin, the breaking newsmaker, has developed at least one iPhone prototype with a 6.7-inch unnotched full screen, while the TrueDepth sensor that detects Face ID is placed above the screen. In the narrow border. Geskin said that Apple plans to release the iPhone in 2020, and he is not the only one who broke the news that Apple will publish 6.7 iPhone.

Analyst Guo Mingxi also claimed that Apple will release 5.4 吋, 6.1 吋 and 6.7 iPhone iPhones in 2020, all using OLED screens and supporting 5G. Guo Minghao said that the 2020 iPhone will use a metal frame similar to the iPhone 4, and the frame will return to the straightforward design style, replacing the sleek appearance of several generations since the iPhone X.

The US media Bloomberg has reported that if the test is successful, Apple will consider releasing an iPhone with both Face ID and screen fingerprint recognition in 2020. However, the report also pointed out that this technology may not mature until 2021.

Although Gerskin’s breaking news has been successfully predicted several times in the past, like the iPhone of 2018, the border of iPhone XR is slightly thicker than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. However, the current lack of evidence from other sources remains to be confirmed.

2020 iphone

2020 iPhone 12 Will Disappear And Hide Using 6.7 Full Screen
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